Suzanne comes to see Brenda at her place in Rome to call her out about the kidnapping. Brenda learns Murphy was grabbed as well, but escaped. Suzanne says they saw her return with the man she took off with and Murphy went to London to wait to hear from her, agreeing Suzanne should question her. Brenda tells her she didn’t really know the man who helped her with the goons, but she took off with him because he saved her. Suzanne warns her if there is any further sign of The Balkan she needs to go to London with Murphy or back home to the States.

As Brenda gets ready for an appearance in her dressing room, two men come in and grab her.

Sonny comes to the police station with Diane, who insists he didn't violate the terms of his bail. Claire counters that he jumped bail and will be taken into custody. Sonny and Jason talk in the interrogation room where Jason tells him about Ronnie. Sonny says he can't go to prison so he and Dante need to prove his innocence. Jason says he's on it and leaves the room. Meanwhile, Dante confronts Ronnie in the squad room about framing Sonny. Ronnie denies it and stalks off. Dante tells Jason he thinks Ronnie did it and now they have to prove it. Carly walks in the station and bypasses Claire to see Sonny. In the interrogation room, Sonny tells his ex-wife he came back to prove his innocence for his kids, but Carly thinks Brenda was the one to inspire his change of heart. She thinks she talked him into returning and on some level Carly is grateful. After she leaves, Claire comes in and argues with Sonny about her recording their conversations. She admits he constantly confuses her and she finds herself believing everything he has to say. It's a huge complication for her, but she tells him she has done something about it. She believes he reacted in self defense with Johnny and she is recusing herself from the case. She warns without proof Johnny had a gun, he is looking at a conviction.

Dante and Jason go to a construction site and con the foreman into talking about Johnny's shooting. He admits he was shooting footage for a construction site and caught Sonny and Johnny on tape. He shows them the footage of Sonny and Johnny's altercation.

Patrick and Robin continue their fake fight in the park as Lisa skulks around. Robin walks away and sees Lisa, assuming she's loving everything she's hearing. Lisa says she was just taking a walk in the park and heard voices. Robin lashes out at her but Patrick defends Lisa. Robin and Patrick argue so Lisa goes to get a lemon ice. After she walks away, Patrick apologizes to Robin for the things he said, but she tells him they have to keep doing that in front of Lisa so she makes a mistake and incriminates herself.

Patrick sees Lisa at the hospital and asks if she was following him. She assures him she wasn't and urges him not to buy into Robin's paranoia. He says she's probably right about Robin and she tells him he can't afford to let his whack job wife distract him.

In the Interpol agent's office, Lucky learns the dead person who looks like him is an assassin for hire who was killed. He had done some work for The Balkan and they want Lucky to go undercover as this Ronan O'Reilly person. Lucky is briefed on O'Reilly, but only gets vague details. The agent gives him a stack of files on Ronan and gives him 10 hours to learn it. Lucky notes there isn't enough concrete information on the assassin and worries he will get tripped up. The agent is confident in Lucky's abilities and notes no one knew O'Reilly well enough to know if he's lying or not. Lucky is informed he is booked on a flight for tonight and is given O'Reilly's phone that was found on his body. Lucky needs to think about it and the agent tells him to meet him back there in two hours.

Lucky calls Ethan and Lulu to meet him at Crimson. He tells his siblings Tracy is financing the search for Luke and says he is leaving town tonight. Ethan is envious of him hitting the open road and they both offer their services if need be. Lulu hugs her brother, but notices something is off. Lucky assures her it feels right and he's going with his gut.

Lucky returns to the Interpol agent and tells him he has a cover story in place and is ready to assume Ronan's identity. The agent tells him should he back out of the assignment, the agency will make things very difficult for his father.

Michael goes to the penthouse looking for Jason, but Spinelli tells him he's out trying to exonerate Sonny. Spinelli asks Young Sir if he wants to play a video game with him and Michael asks him to stop calling him Young Sir because he won't be following in his father's footsteps. He doesn't know what's in store for him though. Spinelli thinks his options are limitless and offers to teach him about gaming programming. Michael thanks him but he's not so interested in violent video games anymore after what he's been through. Spinelli thinks he uses gaming as a way to escape from the pain of his non-marriage ending. Michael tells him it will get better. He's not sure when but he's holding on to the hope that it's true. Spinelli admires his courage.

In the main room at Wyndemere, Nikolas is ready to give Brook her first lesson. They sit at a table where Nikolas schools her on multi-course meal etiquette.

Next on General Hospital:

Brenda reconsiders her engagement to Murphy.

Ethan wants Johnny to tell the truth.

Kristina visits Sonny.

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