Maxie accompanies Robin and Emma to the park as part of Robin and Patrick's plan to
fool Lisa.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Steve Lisa is setting Robin up, but Steve says he has to work with the evidence at hand. Patrick declares he doesn’t have to play by the book. After Steve walks away, Lisa approaches Patrick, who tells her his night with her cost him his marriage. She bets him twenty bucks that in six months he will realize his marriage falling apart is the best thing to happen to him. Patrick reminds her he's not the same as he was in med school and is devoted to his family. Lisa thinks he's just upset that he was the one who was left, but she thinks he'll get over it. Maxie comes in and makes a big deal about Robin being in the park and how he should go see her, as Lisa listens in.

Patrick comes to the park and tells Robin he saw Lisa at the entrance gate. The nanny comes to get Emma and the Drakes stage a fight for Lisa's benefit, as she hides in the bushes.

Carly goes to Jason's penthouse and learns Sonny is on his way home. Carly wonders if he is returning with or without Brenda. Jason doesn’t know and lets it slip he's working with Dante to prove Sonny's innocent. Carly is not happy about that because she blames Dante for the change in Michael since he went to prison.

Dante comes to Crimson with Lulu and declares that all Sonny's kids will be better off without him and he won't waste his life on the investigation. After Dante has left, Carly comes to the office where she and Lulu discuss Sonny's return and the effect it will have on Dante. Carly thinks Dante will compromise himself for Sonny because he's already done it once before.

In Johnny's hospital room, Steve tells the patient Olivia stayed by his side the whole time he was out. After Steve leaves, Dante comes in to question Johnny who sticks to his story that he didn't have a gun. Dante leaves and Olivia visits Johnny. She asks if he is interested in telling the truth about how he got shot. He just tells her he loves her and would love to take her somewhere when he gets better. She wants him to tell the truth then, but he insists he had no gun. She wants a real future with him, but knows it won't happen because his hatred for Sonny clouds everything else.

Back at the precinct, Jason meets Dante to tell him Sonny is turning himself in to prove he's innocent. They go over the report and Jason thinks the fact that Ronnie found Johnny means he got rid of the gun to frame Sonny. Dante defends Ronnie, but Jason knows Ronnie had a hand in it.

Tracy comes to see Lucky at his place. She wants Lucky to find Luke and says she will foot the bill, but she doesn't want Luke to know she put him up to it. She's not ready to take him back yet, but she just wants him home. She also knows Lucky is ready to leave town because he's got the Spencer look in his eye and asks if he wants to raise a little Hell on her dime. Tracy leaves and Lucky makes a call to one of Luke's European cohorts. After he hangs up, the agent from Interpol comes to Lucky's door and asks him to come with him.

Lucky is brought to an office where he is shown a photo of a dead body that looks like him.

At Wyndemere, Alexis and Nikolas talk about their kids as they enjoy breakfast together. He tells her he's going to Europe on business and is going to a house party in the countryside. He tells her he's taking Brook Lynn and she wonders if he is out of his mind. She thinks Brook is a great gal, but she wonders what she will talk to his business associates about, as Brook walks in. Alexis announces that it's a terrible idea if the two of them get involved, but they both insist they aren't. After Alexis has failed to change Brook's mind, Nikolas tells Brook he'd like her to stay, but they have a lot of work to do to get her ready for a house party in the south of France.

Next on General Hospital:

Brenda refuses to return to the States.

Jason and Dante get proof Johnny had a gun.

Nikolas is charmed by Brook.

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