Patrick tries to stop Robin from leaving their house, but she tells him she's leaving to protect their daughter from a crazy person, not because he cheated on her.

Robin goes to Mac's with Emma. He tells her she can stay as long as she needs to and he offers to break both of Patrick's legs. She appreciates the gesture, but doesn't think it will be necessary. She cries as she goes over what happened with Patrick and Lisa and feels bad she wasn't enough for her husband. Patrick comes over and Mac demands he leave. Robin calls Mac off and asks Patrick what he wants. Patrick says he's still Emma's father and they need to work together to keep her safe. He wants to let Lisa think she's won and that they are over. He hopes maybe Lisa will eventually feel comfortable enough to confide in him and he can record it.

Nikolas asks about Robin as Steve and Lisa discuss keeping things professional at the hospital. They explain all the events leading up to Robin's suspension. Nikolas thinks it might be good for Robin to take time to calm down. Lisa leaves and Nikolas tells Steve he thinks Lisa is the crazy one, but trying to make them think it's Robin who is off her rocker. He refers to his experiences with Helena for giving him that insight. Later, Patrick comes to the hospital furious with Lisa for him and Robin breaking up. She says maybe he needs to see it as a good thing.

In the penthouse, Jason agrees to work with Dante. Appeased, Dante leaves and Jason orders Spinelli to run a full check on Brenda. As Spinelli does a search on her, he becomes enamored with her and asks about Jason's time married to her. Sam secretly listens as Jason tells him he hated it, but Spinelli can't imagine being married to such an angel could be so bad. Jason says Sam is better than Brenda in every way possible and Spinelli is happy to see him get in touch with his feelings about Sam. Spinelli leaves to go to the office to break a transcription code and Jason sees Sam, who is touched by the things he said about her.

Lulu prepares a romantic night for her and Dante and waits for him in a negligee, but Michael walks in the loft instead. She quickly dresses and assures him it's fine that he's there and then leaves to run an errand. Dante comes home and Michael tells him what happened. Michael offers to go to Carly's so they can still have a good evening. Dante thinks that will work out because he has an idea.

Lulu goes to Nikolas' and finds Brook. Nikolas walks in and Lulu demands to know what's going on. Nikolas tells her he knows what he's doing and Lulu storms out.

Dante sets up his loft and waits for Lulu naked. When she does enter, she's too mad to do anything. They talk about Brook and then Dante turns on the charm and gets her in mood, as they kiss and he unbuttons her shirt.

In Rome, Brenda backs away from kissing Sonny and tells him she's engaged. He catches her up on his single status and then explains that he jumped bail. He explains about Johnny and how he used Kristina to get at him. He also tells her about the bomb he put in Johnny's car to kill him, just like how Lily died. They talk about that tragedy and Brenda knows he would never be involved in a car bomb unless he was desperate. She also doesn’t think he would shoot someone without being provoked, but Sonny tells her about shooting Dante. She doesn't think he's a monster but wonders why he didn't stay in Port Charles. He thinks his kids are better off without him. She reminds him he left her once too and cries as she explains how if he would have asked she would have given up her life for him. She implores him to go back to his kids and to never give up on them. Sonny's too confused at this point, but he's glad he came there so he could see her. They leave so he can take her back to the hotel.

Sonny brings Brenda back to the hotel and wishes her luck with Murphy saying she deserves the best. She asks him why he came there. He thought everything could be erased if he came to see her or that she could give him the right answer. She thinks he gives her too much credit, but he retorts that he doesn’t give her enough. He says he loved her from the start, kisses her forehead and walks away.

Carly accompanies Josslyn on her night to stay with Jax. She thought Josslyn could use some family time and Jax is happy she decided to stay. After they give Josslyn a bath, Carly and Jax come back to the living room. He tells her she looks beautiful and they end up in a passionate kiss and start taking off their clothes. After they have sex, Jax asks what exactly are they doing. Carly doesn’t know but it feels good and she doesn’t want to overanalyze it. Jax agrees and kisses her.

Next on General Hospital:

Maxie helps Robin and Patrick.

Lucky is approached by Interpol.

Nikolas asks Alexis for help with Brook.

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