As Sonny and Brenda lock eyes outside her hotel, two men approach and pull guns on her. Sonny pulls his own gun, Brenda runs over to him and they take off. Murphy gets away from the goons who grabbed him and calls Suzanne. They meet in front of the hotel and he informs her Brenda willingly left with a guy who had a gun. Murphy tries to get a hold of Brenda, but Suzanne thinks they just have to wait until they hear from her.

Sonny brings Brenda to a hotel and she can't believe he's standing in front of her right now. She tells him about The Balkan threat and then they talk about old times. He says he came to Rome to know what it would feel like to see her again. They both admit they tried to call each other and she wonders if they called each other at the same time. She wonders if it's possible and he thinks anything is. He stands close to her and they both go in for a kiss, but the screen goes dark.

After seeing Emma's stuffed toy boiling in a beaker in her lab, Robin runs to daycare in a panic. She finds her daughter safe and sound, but reminds the woman watching her Emma is not to leave with anyone besides family.

While scrubbing in for surgery, Patrick and Lisa bicker. Steve walks in and says surgery is delayed because the patient wants to fly in his own specialist. Patrick says if the patient still wants him to perform surgery later, he will, but not with Lisa.

Maxie comes to the hospital looking for Matt, but runs into Spinelli. They catch up and then talk about their relationship. She tells him he will always be special to her and he feels the same. He walks to the elevators, but decides to turn back. However, he sees Maxie with Matt and sadly gets on the elevator. Maxie tells Matt about running into Spinelli and he wonders if she wants to go back to him. She says it's not like that, but he just wants honesty from her and if Spinelli is still in the picture he needs to know. She just feels guilty for hurting Spinelli. Lucky walks up to the hub and chats with Maya, as Patrick, Steve and Lisa enter the area. Robin races up to Lisa demanding she stay away from her daughter and punches her. Patrick pulls Robin away and she tells everyone what happened. Lisa denies it, reminding Patrick she was in the scrub room with him the whole time. Patrick confirms that, but says he doesn't know where she was twenty minutes before that. Robin continues to angrily lash out at Lisa, as Lisa claims she's the victim. Steve has no choice but to suspend Robin pending further investigation.

Patrick and Robin go home where she tells him she is taking Emma and going to Mac's house.

Maxie goes to the lab with Lucky and sees the boiling toy. She thinks Lisa is trying to drive Robin crazy and tells Lucky to arrest her. Lucky knows Robin wouldn’t do this herself, but he has to prove it. Mac enters and they fill him in. Lucky says they have to figure out what's going on because Robin is unraveling.

At the penthouse, Dante appeals to Jason to help him exonerate Sonny, as Carly walks in talking about his whereabouts. Dante assumes Carly knows where Sonny is and she plays coy, but tells him she won't help put Sonny in prison. Dante leaves and Carly says she was tempted to tell him where Sonny is. Jason reminds her Sonny could go to prison if she does, but Carly thinks that might be better for him than being with Brenda. Carly leaves and Spinelli returns so he can work on clearing Sonny. Dante walks in suggesting they all work together. Jason questions Dante's motives and he says he wants the truth for Michael's sake.

Someone watches footage of Sonny shooting Johnny.

At the country club, Michael apologizes for being rough with Kristina's friend, but tells her to leave him alone. He reminds her he has an ankle bracelet and is self-conscious about it so he can't go in the pool, but she thinks it's cool and calls him a hero for saving his family. She walks away and Kristina notes when her friend tried to take off his shirt it looked like he was going to be sick. Kristina says that's how she feels when a guy tries to touch her. They talk about school and Kristina assures her brother she will help him feel at home there. He says it won't work and she knows he has to do what's best for him, even though she'll miss him. Carly walks up and asks Michael to get her a drink. After he leaves she questions Kristina, who tells her about Michael's reaction to her friend. Michael returns and Kristina leaves. He tells his mother he doesn't want to go back to school because he can't ever be the person he was before prison.

Next on General Hospital:

Brenda wants Sonny to go back to Port Charles.

Patrick tells Lisa Robin left him.

Lulu learns Nikolas is helping Brook.

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