Lisa returns to work at the hospital and tells Steve she's ready to jump back in. Steve gets paged away, but tells her not to be a martyr and to punch out if it gets too much for her. Lisa sees Robin, Patrick and Emma come off the elevator. Robin takes Emma to daycare with her favorite toy. Patrick talks with a doctor about a surgery they are doing and walks away. Lisa walks up to the doctor and manipulates him into giving her the surgery.

In her lab, Robin turns down the flame on her boiling beaker and then runs out to check on some tests.

Robin comes to the hub and talks with Steve, learning Patrick is in surgery as Lisa lurks. They talk about Lisa and Steve says he knows as her friend this isn't Robin's fault, but as Chief of Staff, he can't let personal issues affect the hospital.

Robin returns to her lab and finds Emma's stuffed toy boiling in her beaker.

Lisa scrubs in with Patrick, but he doesn't want her in the O.R. with him. She thinks they should patient's needs ahead of their issues.

Outside her hotel, Brenda welcomes Murphy back, as Sonny misses seeing her. Murphy wants to go upstairs to be alone and convinces her to get room service instead of going somewhere public. After they go back inside, Sonny meets an Italian woman who asks if he wants to sit with her while he waits, presumably for a woman. Sonny tells the woman about Brenda and how they could never quite get it right. After the woman notes Sonny is probably still in love with Brenda, she suggests he not let true love slip away.

Up in Brenda's room, Murphy seriously tells Brenda she needs to be more careful when she goes out in public. He's worried she will get herself killed when she goes off the to market willy-nilly. She doesn't need him to take care of her, but he wants her to come to England so he can protect her. She gets angry thinking he's belittling her, but he loves her and wants to keep her alive. He points out he is not all the guys who came before him and messed up. They argue more and he leaves, but Brenda runs after him.

Brenda goes down the elevator to find Murphy, who walks outside. Sonny waits for Brenda, as Murphy walks by some goons on the side of the hotel, who are plotting to get Brenda. Brenda runs outside, as Murphy is grabbed. A gun goes off, which Sonny and Brenda both hear. Sonny turns and sees Brenda, as she does the same and smiles upon locking eyes with him.

At Kelly's, Jax wonders why Carly brought Brenda's name up. Carly asks if Brenda is the shining example of womanhood that all others are held up to and found lacking. Jax says no – Carly is. She's still concerned about Brenda, but Jax says she was a lifetime ago. Jax tells her Michael doesn’t want to go back to Madison and he agrees with him, but it's Carly's call. She thanks him for being there for her son and states the kids will need him more now than ever.

Jason explains his feelings of annoyance about Brenda to Sam at the Penthouse. He also details why they got married. Sam wonders if he still feels obligated to her, but Jason wonders if she is really asking if he 'likes' Brenda. He assures he never got the whole Brenda thing and never even liked her that much. He says Sam is amazing, while Brenda is annoying. After they're done talking, Dante comes over to talk about Sonny, as Carly walks in and almost spills where he is.

Michael demands to know the truth from Johnny in his hospital room. Johnny declares he didn't have a gun, but Michael isn't buying it. Lucky comes in as Michael becomes more enraged. Lucky suggests he back off before something happens to Johnny and he gets sent back to prison. Michael angrily agrees and leaves. Lucky questions Johnny, who offers him a job. Johnny thinks Lucky would rather laugh with the sinners than die with the saints. Lucky tells him he'll have another cop deal with him and leaves.

Lucky goes to see Lulu at Dante's loft and tells her about questioning Johnny and how he offered him a job if he quit the force. Lulu laughs, but Lucky admits there was a small part of him that almost wanted to say yes. Lulu is surprised and Lucky says he's feeling restless and the whole cop thing isn't working for him right now. He's not going to join a criminal organization, but he's a little envious of Sonny and Johnny's creativity that's required to be an outlaw. He chalks it up to just venting, but if he figures something out he will let her know.

At the country club, Kristina lounges by the pool with a friend, who is impressed by Michael who walks up. She leaves the siblings to chat, but tells Michael to come in for a swim when he's done. Michael and Kristina talk about school and Kristina says she's thinking about transferring, but he says he's thinking about not going back at all. Kristina's friend comes back and grabs Michael's hand to get him to come swimming with her. He sternly says no and pushes her away.

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