At Jason's, Diane encourages Jason to tell Carly where Sonny went and leaves. Jason tries to avoid it, but Carly presses the issue. Jason relents and tells her Sonny went to Rome, presumably to find Brenda, which sets Carly off. Carly wants to stop this, but Jason reminds her Sonny is wanted by the cops, so they have to stay out of it. Jason wants her to promise she won't do anything crazy. She promises as she storms out. Jason is left to roll his eyes and sigh. Sam hobbles downstairs and asks what's going on with Carly and Sonny. Jason tells her Sonny went to Rome to see Brenda, who he is not smart around.

Carly and Jax meet at Kelly's, where Carly implies Sonny went to see Brenda. Carly wonders if Jax will feel the need to save Brenda from Sonny again.

At Dante's loft, Kristina and Michael discuss how awful school will be for them. Kristina says they can hang out together and have each other to lean on when people make fun of them. Dante walks in and Kristina tells him they know about Sonny. Dante apologizes, but says their father is guilty of sin. Kristina expresses her anger at Sonny, but Michael defends him. Once the kids are gone, Lulu comes over and listens to Dante bemoan the mess Sonny has left in his wake. He shares his intent on proving what really happened in Johnny's shooting.

Olivia runs in Johnny's hospital room after he tells Claire he wasn’t holding a gun. She urges him to tell the truth. Johnny is angry she's taking Sonny's side again, but she just wants the war to be over. Claire instructs her to leave and Olivia says she'll be right back. Johnny tells her not to bother. Claire questions Johnny about the shooting and the events leading up to it. Johnny plays the victim but Claire doesn’t completely believe him. Johnny thinks she's just trying to prove Sonny is innocent – again. Michael comes to see Johnny after he's done with Claire. He reminds him he saved his life and demands he tell him the truth about the shooting.

Sonny comes to Rome and tells the man helping him he's there to check on an old friend. Sonny looks at a magazine photo of Brenda and recalls when they were trapped together. An associate of Sonny's has a man come by to offer his assistance. Sonny asks him to locate Brenda, which he does, but says there is a threat in the city by the name of The Balkan. The man expresses his worry and his boss' need for peace. Sonny assures him he isn't there on business and won't cause any trouble, he's just there for personal reasons.

Brenda returns to her place from the market to find an angry Suzanne who again warns her to take her safety seriously. Brenda insists she won't hide out, but Suzanne wants her to step out of the spotlight for a while and go to the States. Brenda wonders where she's supposed to go because she can't go back to Port Charles. She insists her life is there now, so Suzanne relents, but implores her to stay close to security. After Suzanne leaves, Brenda pulls out the paper with Sonny's phone number. She recalls an argument they had about how controlling he was. She gets a call and excitedly says she will meet the person on the other end of the phone at the garden entrance in five minutes.

Sonny comes to the hotel Brenda is staying at and sits at a table outside the door. Brenda comes out and looks around, but they don’t see each other.

Nikolas brings Brook Lynn to Wyndemere and instructs the maid to draw a bath and make up a room for her. She asks why he's doing this for her, but he just says he couldn’t leave her standing in the rain. After Brook has warmed up and dried off, she returns to Nikolas in the main room. He asks why she was wandering around in the rain and she responds she got screwed over by Carly. She tells him the story and how she has no money or place to go. Nikolas says if she needs a job, he'd like to hire her to go to a charity function with him.

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Dante wants Jason and Spinelli's help in proving Sonny's self-defense plea.

Jason thinks Sam is feeling insecure about Brenda.

Robin makes a shocking discovery.

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