Sonny is brought into court after Claire secures a speedy bail hearing. Diane tells him not to even think about using his dimples to charm the female judge, as he worries he will be denied bail. Dante sits behind Sonny, assuring Diane he will be on his best behavior. The judge enters and Sonny pleads not guilty. Diane and Claire present their arguments and Diane calls Dante to the stand, where he asserts his belief that Sonny is not a flight risk and that he is innocent in the shooting. The judge sets bail at three million dollars. Sonny thanks Dante for standing up for him and Dante retorts he is banking on the fact that he does not lie to his kids. As Sonny is led off in handcuffs, Claire flashes back to kissing him. Dante assures Claire he wants Sonny to pay for his life of crime, but not by going to prison for something he's not guilty of. Claire tells him of all the warnings she got about trusting Sonny and suggests he take them to heart.

In Dante's loft, Lulu lashes out at Carly for paying Brook to sleep with Dante. Carly says she just wanted to show Lulu who Dante really was to save her any further pain. Carly declares she was wrong though because Dante truly loves her and is nothing like Sonny. Brook implores Lulu to see that Carly is lying, but Carly turns it around on Brook and orders her out of her loft and the Metro Court. Brook leaves and Carly learns from Lulu Sonny was arrested for shooting Johnny. She hopes Lulu can somehow forgive her for what she did. Carly then gets a call from Sonny who is on his jet and tells her Diane is bringing her something from him.

On the jet, Sonny has a memory of Brenda urging him to leave town for his own protection. He tells his pilot to take him to Rome because there's someone he needs to see.

Dante comes to Sonny's house, but finds Diane and deduces Sonny has left town. Dante can't believe he trusted Sonny yet again and calls in an APB on Sonny.

Dante comes home and greets Lulu with a deep kiss and tells her about Sonny.

Carly meets Diane at the Metro Court who gives her a letter from Sonny. Carly asks where Sonny is but Diane can't tell her. However, she wonders why she cares and suggests she just let him go.

In Rome, Brenda is informed by an Interpol agent that her life is in danger, especially from a crime lord named The Balkan. Brenda has never heard of him and does not show concern for her safety. However, once she's alone, she does a search online for The Balkan. Suzanne comes over and warns Brenda she will be dead unless she starts thinking of The Balkan as a real threat. Suzanne wants her to get out of town, but Brenda won't run for anyone.

After a fire is set in the cabin, Lucky goes out the front while Jason and Sam head out the back. Shots are fired and Jason and Sam take cover out back. Lucky finds them and Jason runs off to shoot all the bad guys. The cops show up and Lucky tells them to let him do the talking.

At the hospital, Mac explains to Robin he believes her story, but there is no evidence against Lisa. Mac wants to protect Robin so he will write her running Lisa over off as an accident. Robin insists Lisa threw herself in front of her car. Mac just wants to make this go away so her dirty laundry isn't aired, but Robin can't let Lisa get away with this. Mac will keep the investigating open and walks away. Patrick apologizes but Robin just hates him right now and everything that is happening.

Matt comes to Lisa's hospital room. He notes he is loyal to Robin and Patrick, but Lisa suggests Robin is becoming unglued and might be a threat to herself and others. After Matt has left, Robin storms into Lisa's room to confront her. Lisa plays the victim, but Robin won't play her game.

Matt encounters Patrick at the elevator and questions if Lisa is really lying. Patrick is incensed, but Matt thinks Patrick wants to make her the bad guy to justify his sleeping with her. Patrick defends his wife but Matt thinks maybe Robin is the one who is losing her mind, not Lisa.

Patrick drags Robin out of Lisa's room telling her they can't give Lisa more ammunition. He wants Robin to stay away from Lisa because he is scared of what she will do to their family.

Next on General Hospital:

Carly tells Michael and Kristina Sonny jumped bail.

Johnny tells Claire he was unarmed when Sonny shot him.

Tracy kicks busts Brook.

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