GH Rundown for the week of June 21 – 25:

Last week a lot of truths and realities were acknowledged, while others were ignored, and the build up to Franco’s return continued.

Slow on the Uptake.
I thought it was pretty clear to everyone that Kristina was seeing Johnny to get at Sonny. Apparently Sonny doesn’t realize this though or else he would act like he didn’t care they were dating thereby rendering her plan null and void. Seems obvious enough. Speaking of The Don, first Max has to point out that Anthony will retaliate if he kills Johnny and then Mr. Sir insists Jason kill Anthony, as if being in jail wasn’t enough, now he wants Jason to risk going into solitary and extending his sentence. Is there a more selfish, oblivious character in Daytime? At least he had the courtesy to warn Luke about Ethan hanging out with Johnny when he blows him sky high. But does he not remember how Lily died?

Still Married?

I wasn’t entirely sure before, but I guess Jason and Brenda are still married? Or did Spinelli doctor things so Sam could get a conjugal visit with Jason? Please tell me below if you recall how their marriage ended, or didn’t. If they are still married, then that will just add to the fun of Brenda’s return. Regardless, I did enjoy their prison tryst. Mostly I think because Kelly Monaco and, especially, Steve Burton really convey their character’s desire for each other and it’s pretty hot.

The Divide Widens.
Maxie was the next one to get a photo from Franco and ran to Jason about it much to her non-husband’s dismay. I’m really tired of Spinelli’s attitude and don’t blame Maxie for going to Jason first – he takes care of everything after all – but I did understand Spinelli’s hurt over Maxie going to Jason instead of him about it. They had a very real, non-hysterical conversation, which I think was very revealing and will pave the way to a logical, organic end for the unconventional couple.

Brothers Corinthos.

Even though Michael seems to have done a complete turn around on his feelings for Dante, I’m enjoying their new roommate situation so far. Michael seems like a sensitive, thoughtful character and his big brother just might be the only grounded person he can talk to about his mobster father and scheming, vengeful mother.