GH Rundown for the week of June 14 – 20:

A lot happened last week as Michael came home, Franco made sure no one forgot him, Tracy got a surprise and Kristina’s plan affected more than just Sonny.

No Divorce Necessary.
Nikolas released Tracy and Luke from Helena’s capture, which seemed a little too easy and highlighted my confusion over what the point of their imprisonment was. But now that they are free, I’m glad Tracy’s not letting Luke off the hook for lying to her about their invalid marriage. She had a wonderfully long overdue speech about what an embarrassment Luke is to her and what a fool she’s been over him. It’s really about time she found some self-respect and kicked Luke to the curb, because she’s really taken a lot of abuse from him over the years. I truly hope this side of her lasts and she doesn’t give into her lying, cheating husband’s charms and take him back too quickly.

More to Offer.
Ethan was pretty funny last week when he brought Maya to Johnny’s place and passed it off as his own. It was even more comical that Johnny went along with it. While I enjoy these lighthearted scenes, I really do wish Maya and Ethan would get more screen time and something worthwhile to do. Maya, because she’s a Quartermaine, and Ethan, because we finally accept him and care about him after the whole Kristina debacle. So why not capitalize on that and let him be more than Johnny’s lackey and sounding board.

A Bad Situation.
I really felt bad for Olivia last week. She had the awful task of finding her younger lover with a barely legal teenage girl getting cozy in his apartment. Of course, it’s all an act for Sonny’s benefit, but I felt her heart rip out as Johnny didn’t deny there was something going on between him and Kristina. I think Johnny should know better than to let Kristina forge ahead with her plan to infuriate Sonny, since he knows how damaged she is right now. Ethan seems to agree and is being a good friend to Kristina, which I have mixed feelings about. While I like their scenes together, I don’t really think he would ever (or should) go near her again after she accused him of beating her up. At least not this soon after the fact. What do you think about Kristina’s plan? Voice your opinion in our poll about Kristina and Johnny.