GH Rundown for the week of June 7 – 11:

Last week gave us dramatic conflict, a little comedy, and a jailhouse fight to the death. Let’s break it all down.

Too Little Too Late.
Sonny and Kristina had a great scene on Monday when he appealed to her for a second chance with therapy and as a father and she turned him down. I am so glad she didn’t make excuses for him and turn a blind eye to his behavior like so many others do. She knows he will never change because he never does and this time probably won’t be any different. His tortured expression was a little heartbreaking though, but not enough for me to forget how awfully he does treat women, as Carly can attest to. Sonny’s tour around Port Charles looking for absolution didn’t pan out so well until he visited Michael. This confused me a little bit. Were the writers just illustrating how blindly Michael is devoted to his father, or are they giving Sonny an out about his abuse issues? Either way, by week’s end I had had enough of Kristina and Sonny’s battle and while I believe Sonny is verbally and emotionally abusive, Kristina is getting a little whiny about it. I wish she’d take Dante’s approach and just not deal with him unless she has too.

The Plot Thickens.

Jason finally got rid of that pesky Carter. While I’m happy he won’t be tormenting Michael anymore, I’m disappointed the actor is gone. Joshua Wingate did such a great job as the menacing Carter that I wanted to see more of his villainy. Of course there was more to him than met the eye, as he told Jason, “Franco says Hi,” after being stabbed. I don’t know how all the dots will connect, because it appeared as if Carter was in prison before Michael got there so he couldn’t have been planted by Franco. Maybe Franco used his connection with Carter after he read about Michael going to prison, but how would he know Jason would end up there as well? I suppose we will find out when Franco returns at the end of the month.

Like Father Like Son.

Lucky honored his father by donning a fake accent and trying to trick Thor into letting him in the Cassadine compound. It’s pretty well established that Jonathan Jackson is a good dramatic actor, but he’s apparently also a good comedic actor as well. I’m not sure what the future holds for Lucky, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him embrace his wild Spencer side for a bit.