GH Rundown for the week of May 31 – June 4:

Last week a few characters were forced to face their realities, in a surprisingly self aware week. While that was probably the highlight for me, other things stood out as well.

Stating the Obvious.

It was certainly a good week for characters getting called on their crap. Diane called Sonny out on wanting to conquer Claire, Alexis called everyone (including herself) out on tip toeing around Sonny, Kristina called Sonny out for being abusive towards women, and Shirley called Elizabeth out for rewriting history in order to ease her guilt over her affair. It’s validating for the audience when things like that are finally verbalized and characters have to face what’s really going on.

Verbal Assault.

I’m really happy they are making Sonny face his true history with abuse. For years he has boasted about how he doesn’t hit women, as if we should applaud the fact that he isn’t a wife beater. Kudos Mr. Sir. While he may not physically abuse women, he does degrade and call them every bad name in the book, which, as Alexis pointed out, can be just as bad. Confronting these issues has been a long time coming for Sonny and I’m happy to see it, but we’ll see if it causes him to make any changes.

Time Warp.
When Elizabeth expressed interest in investing in Steve’s friend’s pharmaceutical venture, Lisa was surprised, considering her baby’s daddy is extremely wealthy. I in turn was shocked that dialogue came out of her mouth. Isn’t Lisa a self sufficient, independent lady herself? Wouldn’t she understand Liz wanting to financially secure her and her kids’ future on her own? Aside from the fact that it’s not the 1950’s anymore, which means Elizabeth doesn’t have to depend on a man, I’m pretty sure she’s heard the hospital gossip about Elizabeth’s rocky relationship with Nikolas and would understand why she wouldn’t want to rely on his support.