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Port Charles Fashion.

We’re back with the latest installment of our fashion scoop with GH‘s Head of Wardrobe, Mary Iannelli!

Shawnee N: Where can I get the white blouse and sweater Robin wore on April 30th at the park?

A: Robin’s sweater is by Moth from Anthropologie and her blouse is by Marc Jacobs.

Erin L: Is Lulu’s black dress worn on May 2 & 3 from Banana Republic?

A: Lulu’s black dress is from Catherine Malandrino.

Jen D: Who makes Lulu’s black bangle she was wearing in court on April 30 and May 3? Who makes and carries Sam’s purple/blue plaid shirt she wore in late April?

A: Lulu’s bracelet is from Forever 21. Sam’s shirt is from Splendid.

Heather G: Can you tell me who made the purple print cardigan Elizabeth wore on April 28 & 29 to the hospital and to the park?

A: Elizabeth’s purple print cardigan is Sparrow from Anthropologie.

Ashley C: Could you please tell me the color and who designed the button down shirt that Carly wore on April 27?

A: Carly’s button front top was sky blue cotton by James Perse.

Carole, Tara C & Kiriaki R: Who makes Maxie’s adorable yellow and gray color block dress with a black zipper down the front and a black studded cuff bracelet from May 6 & 7?

A: Maxie’s yellow & gray dress is by BCBG. Her black studded cuff is from Forever 21.

Melanie R: Who makes the dress Lulu wore on May 6 for Michael’s sentencing?

A: Lulu’s dress is by Rebecca Taylor.

Marissa C & Stephanie P: Who designed the top Lulu wore on May 10 – 12? It was sleeveless, darker blue and came up close to her neck and tied into a bow.

A: Lulu’s dress is by J. Godfrey.

Maylen C, Jessica S & Valerie P: Where can I find the black cardigan with thin white stripes that Carly wore on May 13 &14?