GH Rundown for the week of May 24:

Last week dealt a lot with Michael’s traumatic experience in prison, Lulu confessing to Dante about her past, and a few other story beats sprinkled in as well.

Prison Life.

They haven’t come out and said it, but it seems they want us to assume Michael was raped before Jason came to prison to protect him. His withdrawn behavior when Jason first got there, the very cautious way he sat down, his adamant declaration that he doesn’t want Jason looking into his beating, and the fact that he got blood drawn all point to it. I know many of you do not want the show to go down this road and I know it’s not exactly the light summer fare we’re used to on soaps, but if they are going to tell a prison story, I think this would pretty much be the most realistic one any soap has ever told. Usually characters go off to prison and aren’t seen again until they get released, are just seen in the visitor’s room, a la Anthony Zacchara, or there are a few threats made, but nothing ever really happens. Or in the campy case of AMC‘s Erica Kane, characters are allowed to glam up their state issued uniforms and remain trendy while in the slammer. I’m all for hyper-realism in some cases, but in this case, Michael would absolutely be ‘fresh meat’, so while I can’t exactly say I enjoy a good prison rape story, I do appreciate that they are putting some realism into it.

This could also lead to so much good story. If this did actually happen to him, Michael will carry this for the rest of his life and it would shape much of what he does in the future. If he does contract HIV or AIDS, I imagine Robin would help him through it and then Carly would have to be grateful to someone she hates, while going crazy over the bond they would develop. It would also be a tough cross for Jason and Sonny to bear, knowing they contributed to sending him to prison where it happened. And as one poster suggested, Jason might even kill Carter, or whoever did it, forcing him to stay in prison longer, which would lead to all sorts of problems for him.

Finally, we all accept women being raped as a staple on soaps and often applaud the acting and storylines, so why not flip it around and put a male in the woman’s place for a change? Women don’t have to be the only one’s subjected to this kind of violence on Daytime. Although, that statement begs the question: Do we really need any kind of violence on Daytime? Regardless, it may not be talked about a lot, but men do get raped as well, and not just by sexy women who tie them up and pass it off as seduction.