Soap Actors Dish on The Future of Soaps. recently asked Daytime stars for their thoughts on what the future of soap operas hold. They’ve interviewed Y&R’s Amelia Heinle and have had a one on one with Days of our Lives’s James Scott. We’ve have spoken with The Bold and the Beautiful’s Ashley Jones, and we have chatted up Linda Dano.

With Passions and Guiding Light already off the air and As the World Turns slotted for cancellation, we wonder what that means for the future of soaps.

Lori Wilson spoke with General Hospital’s Matthew Borlenghi on the subject. Thoughts on the future of soap operas? Where do you see them in five years?

Matthew: I will go so far as saying this: Beyond the obvious, that there are too many options on the airwaves to fairly compare the success of today’s Daytime viewership to yesterday’s… I think it has hurt shows to continually cycle the same actors from one show to another. It seems that the moment an actor leaves a show, he/she shows up the following week on another. This gives the audience the difficult task of falling in love again with the actor in the new role. Daytime was always based on loyalty, and it has been broken. I think it’s beneficial to a show to bring back a fan favorite, rather than continually swap actors. That way the prior generation can share stories with the current and next generations. Also, as in my (apparently rumored) case, the idea of bringing on a fresh actor in a new role that is part of an important family on a show is also a way to generate interest from the loyal viewers. In my again, rumored case, a dynamic new member of the Cassadine Clan… It may be too late at this point. I hope not…

Lori Wilson opened up on the subject. I have watched soaps since my babysitter first turned me on to them decades ago. While I have followed many of them over the years, “General Hospital” has always been my mainstay and it would continue to be even if I wasn’t writing about it for anymore. I have concerns about the future of soaps, but I can’t imagine they will ever be gone forever. With so many people in the industry, as well as fans, who are still so passionate about the genre, I am hopeful they will evolve in new ways, as they have already begun to on the Internet.