GH Rundown for the week of May 17:

Last week gave us more drama surrounding Michael, Carly’s new scheme, big casting news and a little humor. So let’s get to it.

Subtle Humor.

My favorite part of last week was Lucky’s reaction to Claire’s diarrhea of the mouth about wanting a child. He patiently listened to her, but his eye rolls and sideways glances at her cracked me up. I’m so happy he’s gotten over his devastation regarding Elizabeth and would definitely enjoy seeing more of this lighter side to him. As for Claire, I was a bit embarrassed for her as she babbled on and offered up her womb to him, but I definitely enjoyed the comedic scene for what it was. If I look deeper at it though, I’m disappointed yet another strong female character on a soap could be turned into a baby crazy stereotype and I really hope they don’t go too far down that road.

Appropriately Creepy.
I am also truly loving the actor who plays Michael’s prison tormentor Carter. He is successfully making me worried for Michael in there, as I stated last week, I fear he’s going to go all “Oz” on him. This is probably the first time I’ve been interested in a prison story on a soap and it’s pretty much due to Josh Wingate who portrays Carter. I also have to give credit to Chad Duell who, in my opinion, is doing a good job of making me forget he’s a recast.

True Selves.
Nikolas embracing his Cassadine side with Warren Bauer was fun, but I don’t think it did any good. If he really wants to exert his family influence he needs to take it up a notch Helena style.

Speaking of, Luke started to worry about his wife’s disappearance and Maya was brought in to inform him Edward got a message from her about being in Fiji, which of course we know she isn’t. How sad they finally brought Maya on, only to do nothing. Although, all the (false) talk about her being a card shark made me think they should take that route and let her be a bit of a con with Ethan, which would drive Edward crazy. If nothing else, it would give her something to do. Back to Luke, I hated that he was hitting on Skye (another wasted character), while he was waiting to celebrate his anniversary with Tracy. On a side note, is Skye still looking for Alcazar’s money?