GH Rundown for the week of May 10:

The fallout from Michael’s arrest affected most of the canvas last week, which gave us some pretty great drama, as well as some infuriating reactions.

On Fire.
Laura Wright was pretty brilliant last week, as she turned in more performances as Carly that should land her on the Emmy nomination list next year. Carly really has been good for so long, that it’s nice to see her scheming ways bubble back to the surface. I enjoy her relationship with Lulu, but I’m looking forward to her trying to ruin her and Dante. I don’t agree with her rationale for it, but I think it should be fun, especially since I know how she will do it. To find out what plans she has for the happy couple, check out our spoiler page. Regardless, Carly as the devastated mother avenging her eldest son’s imprisonment and protecting her youngest son from Sonny’s dangerous world by asking Jax to adopt him has been some pretty great soap. Again, I don’t agree with her rationale, as I think Morgan should know his father and his parents should just make better choices for him than they did for Michael, but this is Carly after all. That said, I do adore Jax’s relationship with Morgan and feel he would be safer around him than Sonny. Also, Jax adopting Sonny’s son is a great addition to the men’s long-standing feud.

Michael’s Guilt.
I have pretty much been enjoying everything about the Michael going to jail storyline, except that all the characters are outraged he was sentenced. Yeah, he was protecting his family, but they shouldn’t forget he isn’t innocent and did actually kill someone. I’m also not liking how Jason is coming off. He wants to kill an innocent person – Dante – because he was doing his job and upholding the law. Just because it sucks Michael was sent to prison doesn’t mean Dante should die. He gives Lucky, Johnny and Ethan a pass on perceived wrongs, so why not Dante? I also didn’t like Lucky’s comment to Dante about Jason doing more than anyone else to help Michael. If it wasn’t for him and trying to cover up his crime, Michael might not be going to prison in the first place. I don’t like that Jason is held up to hero status when he’s going around town declaring how he’s going to kill an innocent person.