GH Rundown for May 3 – 7:

Last week the main focus was Michael getting sent to prison, but of course a few other things seeped in as well.

Michael’s Fate:

After just about every character on the canvas insisted Michael would get a suspended sentence, the only logical conclusion was that Michael would go to prison. Carly’s reaction to that was very emotional and more realistic than what we usually see on soaps. Kudos to Laura Wright. In a medium that usually treats these situations in a campy or hyper realized way, everyone pretty much had a believably, relatable response. I felt everyone’s, including Michael’s, devastation and fear over his going to jail, although I’m not sure why TPTB couldn’t have let Drew Garrett finish out these scenes before recasting him. While I am enjoying Chad Duell in the role, it would have had even more impact had we seen the former actor confess on the stand and face going to prison. The same could be said for the recast of Morgan. The new actor is fine, but after watching the incredible Aaron Refvem in the role for months, I’m sure I won’t warm up to the new little guy for awhile. Watching Morgan confront Dante won’t be the same as it would have been if Aaron Refvem was allowed to finish out this arc.

The Judge:
Dakin Matthews has done a wonderful job as the judge and the way he tore into everyone for covering up Michael’s role in Claudia’s death was amazing. I had to wonder though if Sonny would really have been allowed to leave the courtroom, after Michael was outed as the killer, since he he confessed to a crime he didn’t commit. Isn’t that against the law or obstruction of justice or something illegal? Just about everyone in that courtroom broke the law but the judge was too busy to deal with it. How convenient for them.

In Defense of Michael:

I loved how Johnny stood up for Michael on the stand. Despite his loyalty to his sister, he knew Michael was just protecting his family and he didn’t want to see him punished for it. That apparently wasn’t enough to sway the judge though, nor was cop Lucky’s plea for leniency, leading many to wonder if Judge Carroll is on the take. What are your thoughts? Vote in our poll on the good judge.