Credit: Lee Reherman (Carter Management)

A new threat.

Lee Reherman is coming to General Hospital as Frank Wright, the head guard at the Port Charles jail. If you don’t recognize the name, you might recognize the face, as he was Hawk on the original “American Gladiators” and has appeared in numerous guest spots on TV shows such as “The X Files,” “Prison Break,” “Hannah Montana” and “Leverage.” recently spoke with Lee about his upcoming role and while he has been sworn to secrecy about the details surrounding his new gig, he did preview that his character isn’t exactly the nicest guy in town. “I’m bad,” he teased. “I’m one bad cat.”

Giving us a little more detail he added, “I can’t say too much because I’ll tip off who the main cast member is, but one of the main characters gets thrown into jail and I have a very personal vendetta against them, based on my family history.”

While this is his first foray into Daytime, Lee has many friends and associates in the soap world, so he had an idea of what to expect going in. “I always knew they worked hard, just the volume of work that they have to bring to life every day,” he marveled. “I’m used to half hour weeklies and hour weeklies, episodics. You know, an hour of television every eight days is a lot different than an hour of television every day. I knew that going in, but the efficiency of the process is amazing to me. From the stacks of paper that are available to everyone, in order, and organized, to the wardrobe having to deal with ins and outs every day, to, even the security staff having to deal with getting people’s rooms ready every day. The volume of work is ten times more than it takes to do on other shows because you’re producing ten times more content and it shows, and the people are pros. It’s fun to watch and even more fun to be a part of.”