GH Rundown for April 26 – 30:

Last week Sonny’s trial came a dramatic head, Dante made a tough decision and the Cassadines were surprisingly entertaining.

Effectively Quiet.

Last week was filled with a couple of really good personal interactions. Two of them belonged to Kristina who had separate, honest, heart to hearts with her parents. Both Alexis and Sonny blamed themselves for Kristina being with a boy who hit her, but Kristina took that responsibility on for herself. I was glad she did and that she said she was working with Lainey on figuring out why she would stay in an abusive relationship. I do wish we could see some of her sessions with her therapist, but at least we know she’s getting help.

Cassadine Heirs.
Another good scene belonged to Nikolas and Patrick while they were at the park with their kids. It was such an easy and light scene between two characters who don’t interact much, as Patrick gave parentally challenged Nikolas some insight into how he came around to embracing fatherhood. Nikolas might not be the best dad in Port Charles, but at least he acknowledges it and is trying to change things. I wonder how his lack of a bond with Spencer will affect the young boy in the future.

I’m loving Nikolas and Helena’s banter. It was hilarious after Spencer asked ‘Grammie Hella’ to come to the park, Nikolas sarcastically suggested she accompany them and enjoy a delicious corn dog. Wouldn’t that be something to see? He’s so much more fun when he’s not brooding over Elizabeth. Speaking of, aside from the whole pregnancy thing, the Nikolas/Elizabeth/Lucky triangle feels a bit unfinished. I’m not sure why Lucky is all of a sudden the love of Liz’s life again and Nikolas, who she had such passion for, is dead to her. I guess getting caught cheating will do that to you.

Breach of Security.

I can’t believe Dante doesn’t have some sort of monitoring system at his loft. I mean can anyone just walk in and rob, kill or just simply interrupt him, as Claire seems to enjoy doing so often? While I’m on the topic of the federal prosecutor, what kind of ethics does this woman have if she allows one mobster access to a juror so he can help convince her to send another mobster to prison? I didn’t like that at all.