GH Rundown for March 15 – 19.

Last week was mostly about Kristina getting beat up and how it affected the rest of the canvas. I kind of thought we would just see her crumpled on the floor in the aftermath on Monday, but instead, we saw a good portion of Kiefer actually pummeling her. I gotta say, it was pretty tough to watch, which I guess is the point. In the beginning of the story last year, I was hoping there might be some way to redeem Kiefer, because I like the actor, but after watching it all play out, I don’t think there is any way the viewers would ever be able to forgive and forget. The character will exit the show this spring, so it’s a moot point, but for a while I was optimistic.

I don’t like that Kristina endangered Ethan’s life by accusing him in order to protect Kiefer, especially when she told Kiefer she knew Sonny would have him killed if she told the truth. Why is Ethan so expendable and not Kiefer? However, I like that the story is involving a lot of the cast, as it not only affects Kristina, her family and extended family, but also Ethan’s. Not only do we get to see how the people in Kristina’s life are dealing with it, but we also get the drama and conflict of Lulu and Lucky grappling with their feelings about the brother they barely know and Luke having to face what his new son is accused of and how it will affect his relationship with Sonny. The story is providing some good drama and great performances, but I do wish instead of having Kristina so easily and quickly blame Ethan as a cover for Kiefer that maybe she could have gone into a coma and couldn’t deny it was Ethan when the DNA under her fingernails came back implicating him. Or maybe she could have refused to reveal her attacker making everyone jump to the conclusion that it was Ethan and she would have been too scared or emotionally weak to confess the truth. I think the drama could still be there if she didn’t so recklessly throw Ethan under the bus.

As for how the story will play out, I fear Ethan remaining the accused will go on for longer than I’d like, but I am confident Kiefer will eventually get what’s coming to him. I asked GH scriptwriter Karen Harris about her thoughts on the Ethan issue, citing how upset many of you were about it, and while she couldn’t directly comment on the story, she did say, “I think this is one of those stories that will be remembered as very powerful. I’ve often been upset at story turns in the past, and they’ve turned out to be compelling and frustrating, and ultimately satisfying — which is what makes good drama.” I’m going to subscribe to her way of thinking for now.

As for other elements of the story, the cops don’t seem to be doing a bang up job of investigating Kristina’s claims that Ethan attacked her. Why is Jason the only one to try and establish a timeline, thereby realizing Ethan couldn’t have been kicking the crap out of Kristina while also arguing with Sam? Also, Ethan offered up the fact that his knuckles weren’t bruised, which they more than likely would be after that attack, but Lucky just dismissed it. And why hasn’t anyone thought of Kiefer? He’s her boyfriend and she’s expressed her concern over his behavior towards her to Sam and Dante. Diane has been leery of Kiefer, and I think even Ethan has witnessed his aggressive behavior for himself. Lets put two and two together people. At least Johnny stood up for Ethan with Jason.