GH Rundown for March 8 – 12.

Last week found both Kristina and Maxie in danger and a couple of characters displaying questionable behavior.

To begin with, I’m curious if Ethan’s green card issues will continue to plague him or if that was just played for laughs with Tracy and Luke, never to be discussed again. I did find it comical when Ethan played along with Tracy by pretending to want to marry her so he could stay in the country and Luke’s jealous reaction was amusing, but I wondered how fans of the legacy couple felt when Luke told Tracy their marriage works for him better than anything else in his life. I know people were upset Ethan was conceived while Luke was with Laura, so I’d like to hear how fans of Luke and Laura feel about his latest declaration to Tracy. I mean, as great as Tracy is about letting him have his cake and eat it too, wasn’t Laura the great love of his life?

(Spoiler Alert)

Furthermore, now that Ethan will be tangled up in the Kristina/Kiefer mess, will that play into his residency issues, or will he be too busy trying to prove his innocence after Kristina accuses him of beating her up for the writers to get back to that point?

Speaking of Kristina and Kiefer, I’m really looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Even though it seems like this storyline was too sporadically featured in the beginning, they’ve taken their time telling it, making it more believable and allowing us to get invested. It should be pretty interesting to watch how everyone in Kristina’s life reacts to the abuse she received from him. I’m already loving Sam’s role as her big sister in all of this, which should continue, but I’m hoping they allow Dante to reach out to her as her big brother as well. Sonny of course will be furious and want to seek his own brand of justice, while dealing with his issues surrounding his mother’s abuse, and I would imagine Alexis will examine how she could not have seen what was going on. Then there’s the whole situation regarding Ethan and how the people in his life will react to him being accused. There’s really a lot of potential story to come from this and I’m looking forward to it.