GH Rundown for March 1 – 5.

Last week, The Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations were announced. While I’m onboard for most of GH‘s entries and understand that the actors are pre-nominated by their peers, I have a few problems with the list. First of all, I’m not so sure about Jonathan Jackson being on there, as he was only back as Lucky for two months last year. Even though he’s a good actor, I don’t think he did anything in those two months to warrant a pre-nom. Especially considering Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) didn’t make the list and he has been leading story since the moment he came on the show in the middle of last year. I feel that Jackson’s year is 2010. He’s had amazing performances this year upon learning about Liz and Nik’s affair, but last year on GH, it was really all about Dominic Zamprogna, as he was engaging from the start as he played drama, comedy and romance with ease and conviction. I’m also confused as to why Tony Geary (Luke) is in the lead actor category. He’s gone for half the year and doesn’t really lead much action, so why not just go with supporting actor? And Nathan Parsons (Ethan) as Younger Actor? I think he is only just now coming across as an engaging character and I would rather see Aaron Refvem (Morgan) or even Christian Alexander (Kiefer) get the early nod in that category as they left more of an impression on me last year. Like Jackson, I think 2010 will be Parsons year.

For a look at how the Daytime Emmy process works, check out’s Emmy Awards History.

I’d also like to mention the new opening credits, which I forgot to talk about last week. I find them to be much easier to watch, as they are not as much of an assault on my eyes as the previous one was. I’m also so happy they finally updated their cast as I can’t even remember the last time Justice was on the show, not to mention other past characters. Adding the actors’ and characters’ name is a nice touch as well, but my only question is: How the heck did Jason Cook (Matt) make the cut? He is never on. I was told certain actors didn’t end up in the new credits because they aren’t on contract, but can Jason Cook possibly be a contract player? He’s only on like twice a year. If he’s going to represent GH, then Molly and Morgan should be on there as well, as they get more action in one month than poor Matt does in a whole year.

Okay, so now on to last week’s show, which was filled with a lot of rehashed conversations, but also gave us some things to mull over. Here’s what caught my attention:

Sonny again spent the better part of last week defending himself and again sounded like a moron while he was ‘justifying’ his shooting Dante. Even though I didn’t exactly understand why Patrick would confess to Sonny that he’s known all along Dante was his son, as it seemed like a death wish to me, I loved his reaction to Sonny saying that if he had been told earlier, he wouldn’t have shot him. Patrick forcefully retorted, “He wouldn’t have been shot if you hadn’t pulled the trigger.” Or something close to that. Will Sonny ever take responsibility for it? Probably not, but I really wish he would be smart enough to stop spewing his stupid excuse.

As for Dante, he stood his ground with Claire (who is growing on me) and got a little help from Lulu as he did so. I love them as a couple, but I wish Lulu would stop butting into his work life. Dante’s got it under control, he doesn’t need his girlfriend, who doesn’t know the ins and outs of the law, court or being a cop, protecting him. It’s kind of annoying, but I do love the bemused look Dante gets on his face when Lulu leaps to his defense. He’s man enough to let her go on her rants on his behalf without feeling, or coming off as emasculated and that’s part of why I love him.