Happily non-married, but nominated. (Soaps.com)

The Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations are out so take a look and find out if your favorite GH actors made the list.

You can also remind yourself of the plots the actors’ characters were in by reading our brief summaries. Keep in mind that many of these characters were also involved in the toxic biosphere, carnival and karaoke storylines.

Lead Actor pre-nominees Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) and Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer) got the early nods, as they both had big years with their characters’ children. After taking back control of his organization, Sonny dealt with his son Michael waking from his coma and learning that his wife was the one who set the shooting, which landed him in said coma, in motion. He also tried to forge a relationship with Kristina and protect Michael after he killed Claudia in self defense. Meanwhile, Luke discovered he had a child he never knew about in Ethan, was kidnapped by Helena, counseled Lucky, and discovered Nikolas and Elizabeth’s affair.

In the Lead Actress category, Sarah Brown‘s Claudia Zacchara Corinthos battled with her father, Anthony, had an affair with Ric while still married to Sonny, suffered a miscarriage, sicced Jerry on Michael and Kristina, was outted as the one behind the hit that landed Michael in a coma, and was killed by Michael after taking Carly hostage. Meanwhile, Laura Wright‘s Carly Jacks became pregnant and endured a risky pregnancy to give birth to her and Jax’s daughter Jossyln. She also welcomed her son Michael back from his year long coma and learned that Jax knew about Jerry and Claudia’s involvement in Michaels’ shooting. As mentioned above, she was kidnapped by Claudia, but rescued by her son Michael.

The Supporting Actor category saw Bradford Anderson‘s Damien Spinelli getting investigated by feds, wooing Maxie in a courtly manner, having the best non-wedding to Maxie Port Charles has ever seen, and dealing with Maxie’s one night stand with Franco. As for his fellow pre-nominee, Jonathan Jackson‘s Lucky Spencer worked hard at making a life with Elizabeth, even though he worried about her strange behavior, grappled with his relationship with his father Luke, and teamed up with Dante to get Franco, once he figured out he was a cop.