GH Rundown for February 22 – 26.

Last week, Sonny’s arraignment got underway and Alexis couldn’t help herself from being part of it. I’m all for lighthearted moments, but I didn’t think this was the time for her to turn things into a screwball comedy. I wish she would have just joined Diane’s firm in the first place in order to help defend Sonny, who sat there for the first time in a long time, if ever, looking appropriately sheepish and guilty.

Dante was of course called to testify and I get why he wants Sonny to go to jail for killing Claudia instead of for taking advantage of his botched arrest, but admitting he shot himself just makes him look like a bumbling cop. I’m not sure what else he could say to lie about the fact that Sonny did shoot him, but that is a pretty silly cover up, one that everyone sees through.

I’m not sure what to think of Claire just yet, although I do like a tough as nail broad. I did find it curious though that she had all this dirt on the original prosecutor and never used it before to her advantage or to turn him in.

The hospital debate about Sonny seemed to echo the viewers’ stance on him as well. On the one side, people can see that he’s good to his family and the people he loves, but on the other side, people can only see that he’s a criminal and has killed people. I like the character, but I’m not sure the good outweighs the bad and Robin should see that. Yes, they have a bond and he was good to her and Stone, but he’s left a trail of dead bodies in his wake. While I understand she still feels loyal to him, she went too far in trying to sway Dante’s testimony against Sonny. Dante took a bullet to the chest, why would he care if Sonny was once kind to a boy with AIDS? To that end, I was glad Patrick ripped into Robin. She has been actively trying to help the mobsters in Port Charles get around the law and he should be concerned and upset. After their argument, Lisa tried to counsel Patrick, while Steve took Robin out for a milkshake. While Lisa annoyed me as usual, I enjoyed Steve offering his insight to Robin. It made me wonder – if Patrick does stray with Lisa, will Steve be there with open arms for Robin?