GH Rundown for the week of February 15 – 19.

Last week started off with several couples celebrating, or not celebrating, Valentine’s Day.

First up was Carly and Jax who celebrated the love holiday without each other. He found her with Sonny and assumed she was already sleeping with her ex. It was quite a leap on his part really, but they later decided it was time to start planning their futures separate from each other. However, they later both revealed they were forcing each other’s hand because they both knew how much the other liked a good fight. I understand this on Jax’s part, since Carly was the one to walk out on him, but I’m confused as to what Carly is doing. It seems to me if she wants to stay with Jax all she has to do is say so. I also don’t understand her quick turn around on her feelings regarding what he did to move Dante’s investigation of Sonny along. Has she forgiven him for it? I was glad to see Morgan get so upset about their separation though, as it acknowledged how close he and Jax are, instead of ignoring the bond the two have formed over the years.

Next, Maxie and Lulu prepared a Valentine’s Day for each of their men. Maxie created some space fantasy for Spinelli, which he of course loved and was cute, but I really hope they can now move on from rehashing what she did with Franco and find some other trouble to get into. Together, preferably. Meanwhile, Lulu brought V-Day to her bedridden love, Dante, which aside from her dress, didn’t amount to much, as all she did was light two candles and bring him some flowers. However, they were adorable as usual, especially when they set his monitors off after getting hot and heavy and acted all embarrassed when Steve, Olivia and Sonny walked in to see if he was okay. I know I’ve said this before, but I really can’t wait until they can go at it for real and finally consummate their relationship. You can tell he’s ready just by the way he looks at her. Again, as I’ve said before, sigh.

Another couple who celebrated was Jason and Sam who were treated to an over the top holiday courtesy of Molly and Kristina getting carried away with their decorations. Their festivities only began though after Diane got Sam out of being questioned by Mac at the PCPD. Of course Jason had to interrupt her Valentine’s Day fun with Max, which she hilariously showcased for Jason by flashing him and revealing the lingerie Max bought her. I’m disappointed we didn’t get to actually see Max and Diane, but I did enjoy Jason reading Sam a ‘love poem’ as requested by Molly from his gun magazine. I thought that was pretty funny, and more his style.

Mac and Alexis even got in on the fun, after Diane prompted Mac to seek Alexis out. It’s too bad the kids walked in on them making out, but a pretty fun scene nonetheless. They are growing on me a little more, but I still want Agent Raynor to look Alexis up now that he’s back in town because I thought they had great potential.