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GH Breakdown for the Week of February 8 – 12.

After action-packed weeks in Port Charles, this week spent time with relationships. There was a lot of talk about how Sonny became the man he is, Dante at a crossroads, and Lucky and Liz figuring out what they mean to one another after her indiscretion.

A recurring storyline is the complicated story of Sonny and how he became the man he is. In an effort to reach out to Dante, Sonny detailed his abusive childhood and how now he will do anything to protect his children. Sonny made an interesting point when he said that prisons are full of people who had troubled childhoods. It’s so true that children are very fragile and absolutely shaped by their environment. Sonny has made it clear he will do whatever it takes at all costs to protect his children. However, at what point is Sonny’s world of crime going to negatively impact his children? On the converse side of this, Jax argued to Michael that he understood why Sonny became the man he was, but it doesn’t absolve him from living dangerously. There is no doubt that Sonny will never allow anyone to get away with harming his children, as any parent would. Yet, is the violent cycle he was exposed to as a child repeating itself?

It was interesting seeing how Sonny’s two sons, Dante and Michael, tried to handle their predicaments. Mac visited Dante in the hospital and after discussing his firing over not turning Sonny in. Mac pointed out that Sonny’s organization wouldn’t hesitate to kill him. Dante feels he is in a no-win situation. He told Sonny that biology means nothing to him, but why didn’t he rat Sonny out after months of trying to bring him down if it means nothing to him? Meanwhile, poor Michael tried to turn himself in for Claudia’s murder, but Mac wouldn’t let him! He’s trying to do the right thing, but everyone is ordering him to keep quiet. It will be interesting to see the decisions Sonny’s sons make in the coming weeks.