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General Hospital’s Damien Spinelli, aka ‘The Jackal’, is one of my favorite current soap opera characters and he’s probably the most non-traditional soap character I’ve ever witnessed. Spinelli’s character is similar, in flare perhaps, to the brashness Anthony Geary gave to Luke Spencer. Portrayed by Bradford Anderson, the character is said to be a mix of Sean Penn’s Spicoli, a character from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” and Seth Green. Spinelli was actually introduced in a story line that took on the topic of the use of medical marijuana. He provided Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) with marijuana during her chemotherapy weeks while she battled lung cancer. A bold move by the writers, I thought. Spinelli has since been distanced from that storyline.

Damien Spinelli is a lovable character who talks in a mesh of internet jargon with a Shakespearian delivery. There are a lot of “thou arts,” and 25+ scoring scrabble words when he speaks. At times, you may need a translator to understand what he is saying. The character is responsible for the nicknaming of almost every character you could encounter on General Hospital. Most notably, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) has been renamed as ‘Stone Cold’ by Spinelli, which not only fits his hit man status but also covers the brain injury inflicted upon Jason which resulted in his having muted emotions. Spinelli has developed a great trust and friendship with Jason and this relationship has allowed Jason’s character to develop a gentler, more reflective side.

Spinelli has enhanced other GH characters, as well. It is fun to watch the confusion his speech creates on many of the regulars, especially Sonny (Maurice Benard, AKA ‘Mr. Sir’) and Jax (Ingo Rademacher, AKA ‘The White Knight’). “I’ll take that as a no,” is a common response to a Jackal ranting. My absolute favorite interactions are with Mac Scorpio (John York) and Mac’s horror that Maxie (Kirsten Storms, AKA ‘The Blonde One’ AKA ‘The Mouthy One’ AKA ‘Maximista’) is involved with him. Who could forget Maximista’s pre-wedding dream sequence scenes where a crazy Mac yammers on and on about how he should’ve killed Spinelli when he had the chance? Spinelli has renamed many inanimate objects as well as people, such as calling his favorite drink, orange soda – ‘the nectar of the gods’.