GH Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) and Scotty (Kin Shriner) mashup
Credit: ABC screenshot (2)

What happened to General Hospital‘s Nikolas and Scotty? That’s something we’ve been wondering about quite a bit these days. Nikolas has been in a coma limbo (last seen played by Adam Huss) ever since we learned he was being kept secretly alive by Austin’s brother. And Scott, well, we know even less about him since Kin Shriner announced that his character had been “written out.”

So we guess since Nikolas’ former portrayer Marcus Coloma and Shriner have a bit more time on their hands these days, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to see them teaming up for a “private” new venture. Is it a new show? A new podcast? A new private investigator agency?! Actually, we aren’t quite sure. What we are sure of is that after a video tease of the two explaining their new venture, we were just about on the floor laughing.

In Coloma’s Instagram Reel, he and Shriner are on the phone describing their new PI “agency”, which they’ve dubbed “Two Dicks.” And if you think you know where this is going, then congrats — you definitely do!

But if you want more, er, in-depth details, you’ll have to, as Coloma puts it, hire them to find out! Except he and his new partner in crime (or is that in solving crime?) phrase it all much less delicately since, well… just watch the clip and you’ll see!

The fans, of course, swung between rolling on the floor laughing a lamenting the fact that the guys weren’t on our screens anymore. But when another much-missed former Port Charles resident, Johnny Wactor, chimed in laughing, we couldn’t help but wonder…

Is there room for three dicks at this agency?

Goodnight, folks!

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