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You know that saying about how if you mess with the bull, you get the horns? Well, General Hospital‘s executive producer, Frank Valentini, wound up on the wrong end of that metaphor when he sent out a tweet suggesting that Trina might soon end things with Spencer. Within moments, the internet reacted — pretty much in unison — by suggesting that if the writers were to let anything come between the young would-be lovers, there’d be hell to pay.

“Trina sees Spencer’s dark side,” Valentini tweeted, referring to scenes in which she called out her boo for trash-talking Dex at the gym. “Will this be the end of them?”

To say fans did not appreciate that particular tease would be a massive understatement. After all, the pair’s shippers have been pretty darn patient, given how long it’s been since first Trina and Spencer — who at the time was going by the name “Victor” — first crossed paths.

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“Now Frank, come on!” chastised Jasmine in response to the exec’s tweet. “They just made it official and got shipnapped together. Spencer took a beat down and literally told her she saved his life. Trina and Spencer are in love. Couples fight. She knows who [he] is!”

Certainly this is not the first time Trina has witnessed Spencer’s darker side emerge. And yes, it has caused trouble between them in the past. And they have, in fact, argued about his treatment of Dex. Who can forget the tongue-lashing she gave Ace’s uncle during the Nurses Ball? “I hate when you act like this! Acting like some ugly, entitled jerk, lording your privilege around! I thought you were done doing that. I guess I was wrong. I hate that I’m always wrong about you!”

Trina and Spencer talk GH

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That simple line — “I hate that I’m always wrong about you!” — certainly indicated that this was a recurring problem in their relationship. But enough to bring about its end? Not if Sprina fans have anything to say about it!

“Frank, stop trolling us,” tweeted J’sha, who — like many others — suggested it was time for the show to let Spencer and Trina have a little bit of happiness.

While we suspect the end is nowhere near, there definitely are dark clouds on the horizon. After all, Trina’s mom, Portia, is convinced that her daughter dating a Cassadine is a very bad idea. And then there’s the fact that Spencer’s determination to seize custody of Ace is likely to keep his ex, Esme, in the picture for longer than anyone would like. But the fact that Spencer has strong opinions about Dex? That’s likely to be little more than a minor inconvenience!

Spencer and Trina already have faced their share of problems and come through with flying colors. Need proof? Check out our photo-filled timeline or their romance below!