GH Rundown for February 1 – 5.

I wasn’t sold on Sonny’s 180 where Dante is concerned. Yes, he now knows Dante is his son, but he is still a cop who was trying to bring him down and essentially betrayed him. Even though Sonny is all about his children, or so he likes to say, he should have some conflicting issues about embracing his son, who is on the opposite side of the law and who was trying to arrest him. Sonny saying he loved Dante as he was being dragged off in cuffs was way too soon and completely unbelievable. Besides, will Dante even care if Sonny loves him? He shot him and Dante loathes what he stands for. Also, Sonny threatening Steve to make sure his son lived was ridiculous. Dante’s life wouldn’t need saving in the first place if it weren’t for him, so he really has no room to make threats.

I’m also really tired of Sonny saying the shooting was all a mistake because he didn’t know Dante was his son. That does not excuse the fact that he shot an unarmed man, who happened to be a cop, who was arresting him. I was really happy to hear Carly and Diane repeatedly remind him of that because he’s acting like the fact that he didn’t know they were related absolves him of trying to kill him.

Morgan and Carly’s reaction to learning Dominic was a cop was more subdued than I expected. I thought Carly would be furious and Morgan would feel more betrayed. Although, I loved when Morgan went to see his brother in the hospital to ask if their friendship was all part of his cover. I seriously love that kid. He’s so sweet and his eagerness at wanting a relationship with Dante pulled at my heartstrings.

Back to Carly, she immediately accepted that Dominic was a cop, she immediately accepted that Lulu knew what Dante was doing, and she immediately accepted that Olivia kept her son’s secrets. However, she immediately walked out on Jax when she found out he was involved in Dante’s investigation. As I said, I totally expected some outrage on her part when it came to Lulu and Olivia, as that’s who Carly is really. They too had a hand in trying to bring down the father of her kids by not tipping him off to what was going on, but she saved all her anger for her husband. I don’t necessarily blame her for being angry at Jax, but I’m surprised she so understanding and compassionate with everyone else, as those attributes are not usually associated with her.

Michael’s reaction to Jax was to be expected and I loved that he got a punch in before Jax sort of subdued him.

I didn’t understand the cop timeline in the whole thing. It was a funny scene with Sonny sitting next to the cops in the hospital, but they didn’t do anything. Were they there on another case and just happened to sit next to the mob boss who shot his son? If not why didn’t they question him or bring him to the station? Why did it take Raynor and Ronnie so long to come to the house to assess the crime scene? I was also surprised that no one seemed to bat an eye, expect for Sam much later, when Ronnie was revealed to be a cop as well. When he arrested Sonny, Jason rolled his eyes, but I assumed that was because Sonny was being arrested for Claudia’s murder at such an inconvenient time. Maybe it was in reaction to Ronnie, but Sonny didn’t say anything about having another one of his ‘soldiers’ try and arrest him. It wasn’t until Sam pointed it out at the penthouse when Ronnie came by to look for Sonny’s gun, which she took, but even then it was like an after thought.

I did love both Epiphany and Ronnie’s reactions to learning Sonny was Dante’s father. Stunned, Epiphany dropped whatever she was carrying, and exasperated, Ronnie rolled his eyes. A little humor is always welcome in such a serious storyline.