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The way that General Hospital has set the stage, it would be logical to think that Nina is about to get busted for ratting out Carly to the SEC. And that’s exactly why we suspect that the show is going to zig instead of zag, infuriating Carly fans by allowing Nina’s secret to remain a secret… for now.

But of course, dirt that gets swept under the rug never stays under the rug forever. So, for a moment or two, maybe Carly will do some time in a nice, white-collar prison. Nina supporters will get the rare thrill of seeing her nemesis suffer. But then… then… OMG!

Carly takes a shot GH

“Me… in jail? Pass.”

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‘I Now Pronounce You… Free to Go’

Sonny, none the wiser about Nina’s impulsive action, proposes. They make it all the way to the altar. Nina even makes enough inroads with estranged daughter Willow that she stands up as matron of honor. Little does the bride know that the boom is being lowered on her…

At that same time, Diane uses Soap-Opera Law to get Carly and Drew off the hook. Again, through the rules of Soap-Opera Law, which bear no resemblance to the rules of actual law, the attorney will get the couple set free by marrying them off. If they can’t testify against one another, the case gets thrown out.

So just as Nina is promising to love, honor and cherish Sonny, in comes a wedding crasher: Carly.

We may be in for a replay of this scene.

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Wedding-Day Blowout

Turns out, Laura had drinks earlier in the week with brother Martin. That is, she’d had a drink, he’d had several. And when she mentioned the terrible predicament that Drew was in, Martin volunteered more information than, soberly, he would’ve. Word traveled from Laura to Drew and from Drew to Carly, and…

Yeah, this is gonna be bad — for Nina. For viewers, it’s going to be explosive. Carly will read Nina for filth, horrifying Sonny and Willow. The don will dump his almost-bride; you know how he feels about betrayal! Willow will declare that she was right about Nina all along: She really is a monster!

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Cue the Friends theme: “I’ll be there for you… ”

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After the Fall…

Having lost everything, Nina will throw in the towel. She’ll pack up and get ready to leave Port Charles. Only before she goes, there’s a knock at her door: Valentin. Her old flame knows better than most how actions can have repercussions; his are what broke up him and Nina. So he offers his friendship anew and inspires Nina to dig deep and rebound the way that he had to.

The question is, how will the new bond and understanding that forms between Valentin and Nina sit with his girlfriend, Anna? She’s confident enough not to be remotely threatened. But should she be?

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