Michael begs Sonny
Credit: ABC screenshot

In General Hospital’s preview for the week of May 15 – 19, Joss and Dex may have to say goodbye. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

On the hospital roof, Dex meets with Joss and she can tell something is eating him up. He tells him that he’s so sorry, and she asks why he’s making it sound like he’s leaving. He answers, “I am.” Last week Michael informed Dex he was dropping the vendetta against Sonny and wasn’t going to turn him in. That left Dex with either working for Sonny for the foreseeable future or dead as a rat. Michael offered him a third choice, he would help him escape and hide from Sonny. That however meant giving up Port Charles, and Joss.

In Carly’s kitchen, Nina huffs, “And to think I felt guilty.” Carly asks, “Guilty about what?” Nina had previously apologized to Carly for blaming her for her troubles with Willow and begged her to help her forge a relationship with her daughter. They were interrupted by the return of Drew and Obrecht, but now Nina may have blown any shot at getting Carly’s help!

Abiding by Willow’s wish, Michael went to see Sonny in order to try and find some kind of peace. Coming up Michael tells Sonny that he needs things to change. Sonny responds, “We don’t want to be kept from our family.”

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook