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General Hospital has painted Dex into quite a corner. Now that Michael has decided to forgive adoptive father Sonny for dumping mom Carly and let the mafioso carry on his criminal enterprise, Dex is left with only three options: Say goodbye to Port Charles — and Josslyn! Remain the don’s underworld flunky forevermore. Or get found out as a mole and fitted with a pair of cement shoes.

Obviously, none of these are especially appealing to Dex or, for that matter, his girlfriend. In the latest preview for the show, she volunteers to fade into the woodwork with him. Which would be fine for him, but she’d be leaving behind her entire family, dysfunctional as they may be. Shortly, she seems to be going to come up with an alternative solution to her and Dex’s problem. According to the new spoilers, she has a big ask of sometime stepfather Sonny. Can it be anything but “Will you please give my boo a Get Out of the Mafia Free card?”

Even if Sonny were so inclined, he’s always maintained that ya can’t get outta the Mob. Ya just can’t. That’s why, despite the number of loved ones that he’s lost and nearly lost to his life of crime, he’s never retired from “the business.” The only way out is down — as in six feet down!

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Sonny could prove us wrong, however. On Thursday, May 25, he has a big announcement to make. Could it be that, so long as you’re not him or Jason, you can, in fact, leave the Mob? Seems doubtful, since if that were the case, what would have been the point of this whole storyline? Michael wouldn’t have brought down Sonny, Dex and Joss’ only obstacle wouldn’t exist, and nobody’s secrets would have blown up in anyone’s face.

More likely, Josslyn and Dex will decide that they’re going to have to finish what Michael started and do what the Port Charles PD has never managed to: put Sonny behind bars. Wonder what that would do to “Jex’s” relationship status!

Watch the preview for what’s ahead this week…

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