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From the day that Anthony Geary started at General Hospital in 1978 to the day that he retired in 2015 — and beyond — he and Jacklyn Zeman were family. He was brought onto the ABC soap as Nurse Bobbie Spencer’s troublemaking older sibling, Luke. But the castmates’ connection ran far deeper than what transpired on screen. The Emmy winner may have appreciated Zeman even more than we viewers did.

“For 40 years,” Geary told our sister site TVLine in an exclusive statement, “I was fortunate enough to play Jackie Zeman’s big brother on General Hospital. In all those years, I never heard her utter one disparaging word about any actor, crew member or co-worker. In fact, I never heard Jackie express an unkind word about anyone, ever.

Actors Tony Geary and Jackie Zeman, posing together on the set of the television show 'General Hospital', at ABC Studios, June 22nd 1979. (Photo by Frank Edwards/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

In 1979, they loved the nightlife, and the nightlife loved them.

Credit: Frank Edwards/Archive Photos/Getty Images

“In a highly competitive profession where ego, feelings and emotions are bread and butter, I’ve found this quality to be extremely rare. I expect it will be even more rare now that dear Jackie is gone,” he added. “She was quite simply one of the kindest, sweetest people I have ever known.”

We will all miss seeing her make the rounds as Bobbie. But Geary’s loss… Understandably, it’s more profound. “I will miss her laugh,” he said, “and the deep, soulful look in her eyes whenever she expressed the love and pride she had in her two lovely daughters,” who memorialized her in a beautiful tribute. (Read it here.) “Tonight, l already miss her and feel a powerful ache where Jackie’s smile used to be.”

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