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Credit: Greg Doherty/WireImage/Getty Images, Ron Galella/Getty Images, ABC/Courtesy of the Everett Collection, ABC (2)

As you read this, you’re probably feeling exactly the way that we are. Stunned. Sad. Just… at a loss. It was a terrible shock to learn on May 10 that Jacklyn Zeman had passed away at age 70 after what ABC called a short battle with cancer. It was also a terrible blow, to know that we had seen her for the last time on General Hospital as Bobbie Spencer, the bad-girl-turned-good that she’d played since December 1977.

On-screen daughter Laura Wright (Carly) may have summed up our collective reaction the best when she shared, simply, a series of broken-heart emojis with clips of her beloved castmate in action. As we watched them, man, did the memories come flooding back.

For the longest time, Bobbie was the soap’s hard-luck heroine, moving from one disastrous marriage (to, say, D.L. Brock) to another (with Stefan Cassadine, for instance). Part of Zeman’s gift was that she was able to make us believe, time after time after time, that her character really thought that each Mr. Wrong was going to buck the trend and turn out to be the Mr. Right that she never actually found.

If Bobbie had a soulmate, it was probably her late husband, Dr. Tony Jones. But the tragic loss of their daughter B.J. — combined with Carly’s long-ago vendetta against her mother — ripped their relationship to shreds. Zeman played Bobbie’s devastation with a gut-wrenching honesty but also with a spirit that let us know that no matter how many pieces she was broken into, she’d put herself back together and keep trying.

Of course, this Bobbie was a world away from the one that Zeman originally brought to life. When she joined General Hospital, the former hooker had a hard edge, a mean streak and no issues with stooping low to get what she wanted — which at the time was Scotty Baldwin… who, just Bobbie’s luck, only had eyes for Laura!

As you head to the comments to share your fondest memories of Zeman, stop off at the below photo gallery in which the actress’ General Hospital family and more share their recollections of the one-of-a-kind actress.