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They say love conquers all… but we’re willing to bet “they” didn’t face the kind of challenge that General Hospital‘s Trina and Spencer will find themselves having to face in the coming days. In fact, we’re wrong to refer to a singular challenge, because they’ll be dealing with problems coming at them on multiple fronts!

On the plus side, being kidnapped by Victor and playing a pretty major role in preventing him from killing millions of innocent people has brought Spencer and Trina closer than ever. Unfortunately, that has not gone unnoticed by her extremely concerned and understandably protective mom, Portia. Even before the pair’s adventure in Greenland, Portia wasn’t the biggest fan of Trina’s beau. Victor proving yet again that where the Cassadine clan goes, danger follows, did them no favors.

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Yet even overcoming Portia’s concerns may be child’s play compared to the far bigger problems which could arise as a result of Spencer pursuing custody of his younger brother, Ace. Sure, they did an admirable job of keeping the tot alive under incredibly perilous circumstances. But are they really ready to not only become Ace’s full-time caretakers but deal with his mom, Esme? Because it seems unlikely that she’s going to simply hand over her son and then fade into the woodwork!

Just as importantly, do fans really want to watch Spencer and Trina playing nursemaid? We’re only just getting to know them, just as they’re getting to know one another. A baby is definitely not the kind of thing that leads to a epic romance for a budding supercouple. Imagine if immediately after Luke and Laura had defeated the Cassadines during the original Ice Princess storyline, they’d been handed a newborn. (Then again, fans probably would have preferred that to the storyline which saw Laura disappear into the fog shortly after becoming Mrs. Luke Spencer!)

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Spencer’s got plenty of money, which means he could easily hire a slew of nanny’s to help care for Ace. But wouldn’t it make more sense for Nikolas to return from his premature grave, fight for Ava and have them — as a united front — deal with Esme and her half-Cassadine offspring?

Either way, it seems likely that the waters will be anything but smooth for Spencer and Trina. The only real question is whether her mom, his dad or little Ace will prove to be the biggest obstacle!

Need proof that whatever life throws their way, Spencer and Trina will overcome it? Check out the gallery below in which we look at what they’ve been through so far