GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Dominic Zamprogna as Dante Falconeri. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)
Credit: ABC

Well, it was just another day at the ABC studios for General Hospital’s Dominic Zamprogna — but with a little extra time spent in the “wardrobe department.” No, he wasn’t deciding what tie Dante should wear with his suit for a day of work at the Port Charles Police Department, and no, he wasn’t debating if his character should dress casual or spiff it up a bit for a night on the town with Sam, but rather he was caught with his pants down — in his underwear.

Maurice Benard, who happens to play his onscreen dad Sonny, posted a video while wearing a hat to promote his YouTube show State of Mind and asked Zamprogna to try on a t-shirt for him and insisted it had nothing to do with promoting his show. When Zamprogna asked what the shirt said, Benard replied, “It says State of Mind.”

The camera then panned to Zamprogna, shirtless and in his Calvin Klein underwear, as Benard threw him a t-shirt and asked him to put it on for one second. Even though he continued to insist he wasn’t promoting the show, Zamprogna asked, “Do I get to keep the shirt at least?”

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Later, dressed in just the t-shirt and his underwear, Zamprogna couldn’t believe Benard wanted him to lend the shirt to Chad Duell (Michael) then asked, “Are you going to post this?” When Benard didn’t answer, Zamprogna commented on how good the shirt looked on him and flexed his muscles. Benard couldn’t take it, agreed to let him keep the shirt and claimed he wasn’t going to post the video. “You promise, man, because I’m standing here in my underwear.” Zamprogna stated, to which Benard chuckled and replied, “Yeah, I’m not going to do it.”

Well, obviously we all know how that turned out, and after Zamprogna saw the video posted, he jumped into the comments and said, “Guess you gotta talk to Calvin Klein and get them involved with State of Mind eh, Mo?”

We love it when the actors give fans a sneak peek behind the scenes, especially in the midst of their shenanigans!

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