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Well, General Hospital certainly left us on pins and needles after Friday’s cliffhanger, wondering if Spencer was going to make it out of this story alive. It turns out he is — but Victor isn’t! That’s right, Victor is dead! Again. This is his… third death? Eh, you know how those Cassadines are. You can’t keep a baddie down.

Except it seems like Helena may actually be gone for good this time, and we have a sneaking suspicion that Victor may be following in her footsteps after his body was found on the Monday, May 8 episode. And that means there’s a vacancy in the villain world that’s going to need to be filled, stat. Luckily, there’s another Cassadine on ice, ready to be thawed out to take his place: Nikolas!

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And so ends another Cassadine.

Credit: ABC screenshot

We know what you’re thinking: Nikolas as a villain? Perish the thought! But let’s be honest here. While mostly one of the “good” Cassadines, Nikolas has tread awfully close to bad guy the line over the years. And that was especially true during his most recent run when he slept with Esme, then locked her up once she became pregnant with his child. True, right up until her bout of amnesia, she was one of Port Charles’ biggest villains, but that doesn’t exactly make Nikolas’ actions all that noble.

We have a feeling that after being bashed over the head and left for dead by Ava, then whisked off to be held in a coma by Austin’s brother, when Nikolas does wake up, he might be itching for some vengeance. And who knows what dark places that’ll take him. He was already at odds with Spencer when he vanished — just imagine if Nikolas were to wake up, come home and suddenly become the next Cassadine that Spencer has to do battle with!

It’s time for sleeping beauty to wake up!

There wasn’t a whole lot of pathos when it came to fighting Victor, but a story pitting father against son could be downright devastating. It’s just a matter of who General Hospital got back to play this version of Nikolas as he embraces his Cassadine roots. Would they tap into Tyler Christopher, Marcus Coloma or Adam Huss? Or would the show go in an entirely new direction and cast someone new?

What do you think? With Victor’s death, is it time to bring Nikolas back?

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