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In General Hospital’s preview for the week of May 8 – 12, Spencer is missing, but Trina isn’t giving up hope on him. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

Last week, the showdown between Victor and his enemies ended in a fiery explosion. After being confronted by Drew and Laura in the bunker, it appeared that Victor has the upper hand. However, Curtis and Anna rolled in to help save the day, although Victor was able to escape the bunker with the pathogen canister and Obrect. While Laura was left deactivating a second weather machine of Mikkos’, Victor was cornered by Holly and later Drew on land. He fled, forced to leave Obrecht behind. When he finally made it to the Haunted Star, he was furious to learn Obrecht had stolen the antidote to his pathogen. There he was confronted by Spencer, who demanded the pathogen or else. Unfortunately, the or else came in the form of a WSB drone strike, which blew the Haunted Star to pieces!

In the aftermath of the explosion, Spencer is missing, and the news makes it all the way to Port Charles. Joss laments to Dex about her missing friend, while back in Greenland, Trina is sure Spencer is still out there somewhere. However soon an agent informs Valentin and Trina that a body has been recovered from the wreckage…

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook