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As the final moments of Friday’s General Hospital — and their latest take on the Ice Princess plot — unfolded, we were left with our hearts in our throats. And as the screen faded to black, we were left asking… “Is it Monday yet?”

Because that’s when we’ll find out exactly what happened on The Haunted Star and whether or not the writers could really have been so cruel as to kill off Spencer just as he and Trina were finally opening themselves up to the possibilities of love.

Now, to be fair, should anyone die in the explosion (or elsewhere on the island), it will kinda sorta be our fault. Why? Because we’ve long championed the notion that big, dramatic storylines have to have big, dramatic payoffs. Once it was revealed that Victor’s grand plan for saving the world involved killing off about 80 percent of the population, we said — more than once — that the ultimate payoff of the plot would have to be that someone on the canvas died.

Certainly, there were plenty of potential victims and more than a few close calls. When Valentin was injected with the virus (sorry, pathogen, as they kept saying over and over), he was close enough to death that he had visions of Mommy Fearest Helena showing up to escort him to hell. Then Anna decided life wasn’t worth living without him and risked her own life to be with her guy in his dying moments. (Fortunately for them both, Holly arrived with the antidote… although it’s worth noting that it hasn’t actually been tested… )

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We breathed a sigh of relief when Robert managed to convince the WSB not to bomb the island, given that Victor and his pathogen were no longer there. Unfortunately, the agency instead aimed their deadly force upon The Haunted Star, where Victor was lying unconscious thanks to nephew Spencer… whose heroics left him in the horrific position of being on the ship when it exploded!

While we may have had a certain bloodlust when it came to this story, we certainly didn’t want Spencer to be a victim of his uncle’s machinations! So while the previews indicated that a body will be found on Monday’s episode, we’re going to hold out hope that it belongs to Victor or one of his henchmen as opposed to Trina’s beau. That said, we can’t help but be nervous, given that Spencer isn’t mentioned even once in the spoilers for next week

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