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General Hospital has had poor Willow knocking at death’s door for so long that it would be understandable if you’d started to think that death simply isn’t home. But the week of May 8, things take a turn for the worse for Michael’s bride — and yes, they can still get even worse!

Although Wiley and Amelia’s mom just wants to check out of the hospital and go home, she learns that her immune system is in such a sorry state that it can no longer protect her. So not only should she stay at the hospital, she should stay in isolation, according to Soap Opera Digest.

Willow bright light GH

“Heaven can wait… can’t it?”

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Willow’s best — perhaps her only — chance of pulling through is a bone-marrow donation from her great aunt, Liesl. But she is of course otherwise occupied in Greenland. That leaves Michael to face the horrifying prospect of losing the woman to whom he’s just pledged his heart. (Mind you, Chad Duell has a different idea about the love of his character’s life.)

With the years before her dwindling perhaps to mere days, Willow rethinks her attitude toward biological mother Nina. The patient “is getting sicker and sicker,” portrayer Katelyn MacMullen tells the magazine. So “she’s kind of like, ‘I don’t have the energy to hate someone.’”

Moreover, she adds, “Willow feels, ‘Wow, it’s sad to think about what could have been.’”

As you prepare yourself for what is seeming more and more like the inevitable, flash back to happier days via the below photo gallery of Willow and Michael’s wedding.