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Credit: Ricky Middlesworth/ABC

Well. That was one heck of an ending on Friday’s General Hospital! We were worried about Valentin dying or maybe Willow dying… but we didn’t see the possibility of Spencer dying in the cards! But he and Victor were both on the Haunted Star when it went up, and now we’re left wondering if Spencer and Trina’s star-crossed love is over before it even began.

And also, while we’re at it, let’s talk about another death that is definite: RIP, the Haunted Star. You’ve been a joy for four decades, but your time has come to an end… It’s tough to say goodbye, even to something we enjoy, but sometimes that joy can overstay its welcome and turn sour.

Nicholas Alexander Chavez and Tabyana Ali know a thing or two about that! No, we aren’t talking about souring on “Sprina.” That pairing has most definitely not overstayed its welcome, seeing as how we just barely got it started! Instead, they’re talking about a phenomena we’re all familiar with… and that’s almost always our own fault!

“Oooh,” Chavez tweeted, “I like this song I’m gonna listen to it on repeat until I hate it.”

Though he didn’t mention which song, that’s kind of irrelevant. Because we’ve all found a song we loved only to play it on repeat until the sound of it almost makes us physically nauseous!

Or, as Ali explained in response: “The most annoying part is when the vibe ain’t vibe-ing no moe.”

And yeah, that is annoying, but not as bad as when the vibe is vibing and we may have it taken away regardless! That’s what’s going to happen if General Hospital lets Spencer die. Let’s just hope that the body they find on Monday is Victor and not Spencer.

Of course, in that family, death doesn’t really slow folks down that much. Helena had how many before her final bow? (And we still get to see versions of her pop up here and there like with Valentin’s hallucination!) And Victor has “died” twice already. Heck, even Spencer’s own dad, Nikolas has returned from the grave a time or two.

So even if this is an end for Spencer, we’ll hold out hope that it’s not the end — of him or of “Sprina!”

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