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When General Hospital broke up Sonny and Carly so that he could pursue a future with Nina, viewers found themselves taking sides. On the one hand were those ready for the “something new” represented by Sonny and Nina (or “Sona” as they’re called). On the other were those who warned that ultimately, Carly and Sonny (or “CarSon”) would reunite.

There were a whole lot of predictions about how things would play out, but we’re betting few people had “Nina destroys her own happiness” on their Bingo cards. And based on what just went down, it seems like that’s exactly how things are going to play out. Because in turning Carly and Drew over to the Securities and Exchange Committee, Nina essentially pushed a self-destruct button.

Unfortunately, the blonde didn’t even really seem to realize what she’d done… at least not until Ava pointed it out to her last week. The irony was that Ava has long been #TeamSona, thanks in large part to her own difficult history with Carly and Sonny. As Avery’s mom pointed out to her gal pal, “I don’t need convincing that Carly is a piece of work!”

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However, by whispering in Martin’s ear about Drew and Carly’s alleged insider trading, Nina left a trail of breadcrumbs which, Ava warned, inevitably would lead right to the doorstep of Sonny’s current boo. And history, Ava said, has shown exactly what will happen next.

“I have learned the hard way that Sonny and Carly, they have their own history,” reflected Ava, “and part of that history is a blind and stubborn and even toxic loyalty. I’m not even talking about romance! The two of them could be at each other’s throats, but if a threat comes for one of them, the other one will step in and defend them!”

Ava’s undeniable conclusion? “If the SEC goes after Carly, and Sonny finds out that you were behind it? I don’t see him backing you!”

At that moment, the reality of the situation hit Nina like a ton of bricks. Because it wasn’t only Sonny’s ex-wife whom she’d turned in. There was yet another tie that bound them all together as one big, messy family. “I turned in Amelia and Wiley’s grandmother,” she whispered, the horrific truth dawning on her. “What will happen if Willow finds out? She’s depended on Carly so much through all of this. She’ll never forgive me, Ava, will she?”

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It was as if Nina, realizing she’s simply a character in someone else’s story, had flipped ahead a few chapters in order to discover her own fate. Viewers, meanwhile, were watching as Carly and Sonny — perhaps caught up in the magic of Michael and Willow’s wedding — exchanged a look that would have filled Nina’s veins with ice water, had she seen it.

With the SEC having questioned Carly and now in full pursuit of Drew, is it only a matter of time until Nina’s pigeons come home to roost… and send Sonny right back into the arms of his favorite ex-wife?

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