GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Eden McCoy as Josslyn Jacks. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)
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Call us crazy, but we think General Hospital‘s Eden McCoy might have been channeling a little bit of TV-mom Carly when responding to internet trolls raising questions regarding her latest Daytime Emmy nomination. Rather than meekly let the commenters discredit her hard work, McCoy defended not only herself, but young actors around the dial!

The trouble began when questions surfaced regarding the Younger Performer category in which McCoy was nominated. While in years past, the cutoff age for would-be contenders was 25, this year saw that change to 18. This led to McCoy’s co-nominee, Victoria Grace (Wendy, Days of Our Lives), announcing that she’d been entered into the category by mistake and, as a result, she would not be competing.

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This quickly led to Twitter speculation as to how McCoy would handle her own nomination, given that she, too, was impacted by the rule change. One “fan” suggested that the actress should be embarrassed to be competing against “two elementary school kids.”

For her part, McCoy was having none of the trash talk. “Oh, am I supposed to be embarrassed by my nomination now Shame on anyone tweeting that. Regardless of the changing rules in the Younger Performer category, I stand by the quality of my work in any of my years at GH (going on 8 btw),” the clearly peeved young woman wrote.

“My two prior nominations were in years where the category was 25 and under. Multiple talented actors my age who did amazing work submitted this year, and these ‘kids’ whose work you are belittling were nominated ahead of them.”

McCoy went on to say how proud she was of fellow nominees Henry Joseph Samiri (Douglas, Bold & Beautiful) and Cary Christopher (Thomas, Days of Our Lives). “Your lack of respect is what’s embarrassing,” she concluded. “The facts are that everybody earned what they got. Do better!”

While McCoy’s words clearly sparked debate across Twitter, perhaps our favorite response came from co-star Tabyana Ali, who got her point across by using all caps: “SHE SAID WHAT SHE SAID!”

That sound you hear? Us cheering McCoy on from the cheap seats.

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