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We often share news surrounding real-life soap couple General Hospital’s Laura Wright (Carly) and Wes Ramsey (ex-Peter). From their fun dates to their tennis outings to everything in between, which has included some exciting adventures over the years. However, most notably, what has been the best adventure of all is their union — one that began six years ago today.

The ABC soap actress posted a few photos of the couple to celebrate their big day — the day they had their very first date — and one revealed “how it started” and the other showed “how it’s going.” She then went on to cheer, Happy six years, Baby!”

Ramsey replied with his own message under her post and expressed, “You changed everything,” to which Wright countered, “You did.”

And Cameron Mathison (Drew) was the first castmate to jump into the comments under Wright’s post to wish the couple a happy anniversary, as fans chimed in with their own congrats.

Ramsey then shared a photo on his page to send his girl some love. “Six years ago today I had her number and the butterflies to go with it!” he admitted. “She agreed to let me take her out on the town!” He talked about how they “laughed and fell madly in love in a magical and instantaneous kind of way.”

Last year, though her fifth anniversary post started out with the same photo as this year’s, Wright included so many more pics to mark the day that Ramsey took her breath away.

But their anniversary isn’t all they are celebrating… Earlier this week, Ramsey announced that he would be attending the Charmed “The P3 in Paris” convention next year and Wright revealed that she was going to join him. The actress was so excited and couldn’t wait for their trip, especially since she’d never been to The City of Love before.

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Wright also forewarned fans that she would be posting “tons of pictures” and though their 2024 adventure isn’t going to take place until next March, she gushed, “I’m still excited now!”

Soaps.com sends the couple our very best today and we look forward to seeing them make more happy memories for years and years to come.

And if you want to know how they met, and which one had revealed, “I was smitten,” look through our gallery below featuring photos from how daytime’s golden couple went from co-stars to soulmates.