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It will be three years this November since Lulu fell into a coma on General Hospital following the explosion at The Floating Rib. We can remember it like it was yesterday… Dante had rushed into the hospital, carrying Lulu, and later told her that Dustin, who had died as a result of the bombing, and had used his last words to make Dante promise to always be there for her. And ever since, “Lante” fans have waited, wished and hoped that she would wake up, especially since right before she fell unconscious she tried to mouth the words “I still love you” to Dante.

Dante carries Lulu at General Hospital

Even though there are no plans to wake the character up any time soon, we think now would be the perfect time to do just that. Why? Because Dante has finally moved on and is happy with Sam. Yes, that’s a good thing for “Sante” fans but it also hasn’t given Dante and Sam much excitement storyline-wise — and we are desperately in need of some drama for this couple.

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That doesn’t necessarily mean we want Dante and Sam to break up but if Lulu woke up, it would give him something to fight for again — either a rekindled love with Lulu or a way to show Sam that he’s moved on, with her, no matter what. There are so many emotional avenues the soap could take for these three.

sam dante

And while Lulu is still fast asleep in a special care facility, her portrayer Emme Rylan has been busy being a mom to her three kiddos. In fact, she just revealed that her middle child, Levi, will be heading off to middle school next year and shared some adorable photos from “Levi’s last school open house as an elementary school student!” Not only did we get a peek into the event, Levi’s little sister Dakota was in attendance too, as both kids showed off some of their art projects.

Rylan’s post just shows how fast time goes by in the real world, but in the reel world, it does as well, even faster, so we’d like to see her character wake up soon — Lulu has already missed so much!

View our gallery below for highlights of Rylan’s run as the Port Charles character who many still miss.