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Willow doesn’t know how long she has left, which is the reason she wanted her wedding to Michael to happen as soon as possible. And with Obrecht still missing in action, hopes of having a bone marrow transplant are becoming slim, so everyone is rushing to make Willow’s special day the happiest it can be. However, in a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, Katelyn MacMullen previewed what’s ahead, including a shocking twist!

The actress talked about the day having an element of being “bittersweet” and how those who love Willow and Michael will come together to celebrate the couple, which in turn makes her feel like a part of a real family. Willow informs Carly that she wants nothing more than to “stay in a place of love and joy” and not “wallow in any sadness.”

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In fact, Willow would love for the day to be the beginning of something, and not the end, and would be so happy if Michael dropped his vendetta against Sonny and once again got along with him as father and son.

Michael talks to Sonny GH

However, we all know that sometimes, especially in soaps, weddings don’t go off without a hitch or two, and though the ceremony will be “so sweet and emotional,” it’ll end with a shocking twist. “Something dramatic and unexpected takes place,” MacMullen teased. “There’s a knock at the door. Who is it?”

So, who do you think arrives to crash Willow and Michael’s wedding? Will it be Obrecht with the best wedding gift possible, to be there for the upcoming transplant? Could it be Nina, oh-so-kindly refusing to let the day go by without being there for her daughter — even if it’s not what her daughter wants? Or could it be Victor, holding the fact that he has the one person Willow needs to survive as leverage to use in his big scheme to right the world?

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