GH's Sofia Mattsson & stars mashup
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There are some secrets that General Hospital (and soap operas in general) manage to keep until they want you to know about them. Others, though, are a bit trickier to keep from getting out. Sofia Mattsson’s secret definitely falls under that second category — though the show did a great job in trying to keep it under wraps. Or maybe we should say under coats!

The General Hospital wardrobe department did an incredible job of keeping Sasha in an endless stream of long coats and flowing shirts, but that didn’t stop the fans from catching on and speculating that Mattsson might be pregnant with her second child. And, as you’ll see, it certainly did keep her co-stars from catching on! (We would hope not!)

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“Is there something you want to tell us?”

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But once you hit eight months pregnant it’s a bit tougher to keep it a secret!  Mattsson took to Instagram to share the happy news that didn’t really surprise many folks — though she did have an extra little tidbit that folks hadn’t known.

“Many of you guessed it already,” she wrote, showing off her baby bump in a pink dress. “Baby girl due in May.”

And it wasn’t just the fans who went wild, but Mattsson’s co-stars too! (Brace yourself, because there are a lot of exclamation points coming.)

Mattsson kept her first pregnancy under wraps until just two months before giving birth, so as not to spoil the surprise of Sasha’s pregnancy on the show. So color us impressed that she topped that with just one month’s notice!

Co-star Josh Kelly, whose Cody shared more than a few scenes with Mattsson’s Sasha, played along with the “surprise” and chimed in with a mock “Whaaaaaat?!” earning laughter from mom-to-be.

Josh Swickard (Chase) also answered with just one word. Well, we think it was a word. It might be more of a sound. But his “Gah!” was enough to get Mattsson excited at the thought of “So many fun playdates ahead!” Swickard’s baby boy was born back in February, so the two stars’ tots will be the perfect age to grow up together.

Tabyana Ali (Trina) let Mattsson know that “You are glowing!!! I’m so excited for you,” while Katelyn MacMullen, whose Willow just gave birth herself not long ago, let her co-star now that she was a “Beauty!!!”

Briana Lane, who’s filled in for Brook Lynn a few times over the last few years, Avery Pohl (Esme) and even The Young and the Restless‘ Courtney Hope (Sally) all chime in with their congrats. But perhaps the most adorable ones came from the twins who not so long ago played little Wiley, Theo and Erik Olson, writing “Aawww yay!!! Congratulations Sofia.”

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