victor nik Obrecht mashup gh
Credit: ABC screenshot

There’s been more action on The Haunted Star these days than in Port Charles and while Victor happens to be holding Spencer, Ace, Obrecht and now Trina hostage, Nikolas is still missing in action — literally. However, dealing with those who can be accounted for, Victor has big plans to right the world and recently thwarted Spencer’s attempt to stop him. His nephew thought by putting a knife to Obrecht’s throat that his uncle would back down, but no… He just ticked Victor off further.

And now that Victor revealed that he knows about Trina’s presence on the ship, well, Spencer has something bigger to worry about — protecting his girlfriend and at the same time, his baby brother. However, things may be about to take a turn today… as previewed after yesterday’s episode, Victor is going to tell Obrecht, “I knew you’d rise to the challenge.” Does this mean she’s going to work with him to execute his big plan? Or will Dr. O pull a quickie of her own on the madman and save them all from a disastrous fate?

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While viewers wait to see how the action unfolds, we have details as to how you can be involved in an upcoming Cassadine reunion of sorts. On Saturday, May 6, and Sunday, May 7, Charles Shaughnessy (Victor), Kathleen Gati (Obrecht) and Marcus Coloma (ex-Nikolas) will be appearing together at La Famiglia Ristorante, one of Philadelphia, P.A.’s top restaurants.

Not only will those in attendance get to see the stars, you’ll get to have dinner with them as well, which will feature a three-course meal. Tickets also include an autograph session, where you can even get your picture taken with them. Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club informed via twitter that tickets were selling fast so get yours today and enjoy an evening of fun.

And if you need a refresher on the bad blood that runs through the veins of this family, look deeper into the Cassadine family tree in our photo gallery below.