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People have their own preferences as to how they like to watch films. Whether it be the old fashion way, by heading to the local movie theater, or watching them online or renting them from a store. Though the latter method is almost a thing of the past these days, there are still ways to rent DVDs through the mail. This is something that General Hospital’s Jon Lindstrom (Kevin) enjoys doing, especially when it comes to hard-to-find works.

However, there was news that broke on Tuesday, April 18, that had the ABC soap vet visibly shaken, so much so, that he took to social media to express his upset — and if his words weren’t clear enough, he also posted a photo to show just how “upset” he really was.

“Me, upon learning Netflix is ending their DVD service,” Lindstrom stated as a way to caption the photo he included, which also relayed the question, “Why God? Why?!”

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While many across the nation likely feel the same about this “sad news,” the actor explained that this was the “only place” he was able to locate “many of the classic, indie and foreign films” that he still wanted to see, but may not have the chance to now.

The end of seeing the recognizable red-and-white envelopes in your mailboxes is set to take place with final shipments going out on Friday, September 29. As reported by AP News, though the mail service was once Netflix’s biggest money maker, the streaming platform ended March 2023 with 232.5 million worldwide subscribers. However, it didn’t make known how many still pay for the mail service.

How does this news affect you? Do you still order DVDs by mail or simply stream them online? Share your thoughts in our comment section.

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